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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MamaSox Takes Lee and the Idol Machine to School!

First and foremost, let me say that the mixture of psychadelic Lee and the song cracks me up . . . I read a USA Today article that pondered the question will the Idol Machine win or will the best singer win . . . I think that sums it up.

Here we go . . .

What the hell is Randy wearing?

Ok, I love that Crystal dropped her mic and missed her mark . . . that's kind of awesome.

So, we have a round of contestant favorites . . . a round of the producer's choice (We'll see what they give to our dynamic duo) . . . and the "song they're going to release as their single" . . . I'm not sure what that means . . .

Lee #1 - "The Boxer" . . . Lee's doin Lee's thing . . . I'm not sure I would have chosen this song from the season, but he sounds pretty Leeish . . . gotta great tone to his voice . . . kinda pitchy . . . but not a terribly exciting performance. Randy didn't feel the energy but wants him to pick it up. Ellen couldn't be prouder if she birthed him herself. Kara agrees with Randy and wants to see him punch more. Simon expected a lot more passion and excitement.

Crystal #1 - "Me and Bobby McGee" . . . Better choice . . . Let's see if she can give it a little more energy. Crystal is also doin her Crystal thing . . . a little more energy . . . a little more excitement . . . a little less pitchy. Randy thinks she finished strong. Ellen thinks she is compelling on stage. Kara thinks she has fire in her belly tonight. Simon says she's back.

Judges won't pick round 1 because they would have to give it to Crystal.
Round 1: MamaSox by a mile

Lee #2 - "Everybody Hurts" . . . interesting choice . . . I LOVE this song . . . He's definitely brought more energy to this one . . . still got that Lee pitchy stuff . . . and a choir . . . wonder if Crystal will get a choir. . . Better performance. Randy thought it started off pitchy but thought he pulled it together. Ellen thought he went off a couple of times, but thought he really got into it . . . at times . . . Kara thinks he is emotionally accessible. Simon thought it was a good choice of song, but thinks he is nervous.

Crystal #2 - "Black Velvet" . . . another interesting choice . . . I also LOVE this song . . . I like the beginning arrangement . . . MamaSox is in it to take down the Idol Machine . . . She changed the arrangement and her vocals were better . . . and that last note rocked the fucking house . . . Go MamaSox Go! Randy thinks MamaSox is in it to win it. Ellen thought it was fantastic. Kara thinks she is giving it her all. Simon is almost allergic to that song, but thinks she took the song and absolutely nailed it.

Round 2: MamaSox by another mile. Simply stunning.

Lee #3 - "Beautiful Day" . . . interesting that they are letting them release covers . . . Damn it, Lee . . . stop being pitchy! I'm trying not to let the pimpage affect my analysis . . . I do LOVE this boy, but he's not helping me out a lot tonight. He looks good, but I'm not in love with this performance. Ooooh, bad note. He's got more energy, but damn is he pitchy. Randy thinks he started iffy, but got it back at the end. Ellen thought he did a great job. Kara thinks he got swallowed by the song. Simon thinks he made the most of it, but thinks Lee is what this competition is all about . . . PIMPAGE!

Crystal #3 - "Up to the Mountain" I LOVE THIS SONG! Nothing to say . . . simply stunning and I'm crying a little bit. Randy thinks it was one of the greatest performances. Ellen thinks she's in a league of her own. Kara thinks she pulled her walls down and was emotionally invested. Simon thought it was by far the best performance of the night. And as his final critique . . . "It was outstanding."

Round Three: MamaSox by infinity.

There is no doubt that MamaSox won the night. NO. DOUBT. Whether that equates to her victory is debatable. We shall see if America does what it should. Somehow, I doubt it.

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