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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Alright after hearing those duets!

Top Four - Songs of the Movies

Neat idea Jamie Foxx had about the t-shirts for the performances! Like the idea of an incentive for them to really step it up. Another fave mentor!

Four individual songs:

Lee - Kiss From a Rose: felt like he got ahead of the song and then went flat. Not that great for me. K says it was pitchy, and Lee didn't step it up when he came to the bridge of the song. Seemed too relaxed in his persona and his dress for the tone of the song.

Big Mike - Will You Be There: (was worried when they said Michael Jackson that it was going to be 'Ben' or something from The Wiz...whew!) Seemed like a bit of an ill fit - had to agree with Randy that the song didn't really take off. It seems that the arrangements so far are kind of off. Better than Lee, but that isn't saying much at this point.

Lee and Crystal Duet: Falling Slowly: Great song choice for them! Nice blend of their voices and the guitars. Loved the arrangement and interpretation of this song. Best of the night so far!

Casey - Mrs. Robinson: LOVED it! Fresh take on a classic song - and I liked the laid back vibe on this. He looks hot tonight too! Far and away better than Lee and Big Mike. Simon's comments make me & K think they are trying to throw Casey under the bus!

Crystal - I'm Alright: Good positive lyrics in this part of the competition -and who can resist a sing-a-long tune! Fun, and K says - it is really a great song - (we heart you Kenny Loggins!!) Loved that she funked it up a bit :) could really hear that on the radio now - best of the night!

Big Mike and Casey - Have you ever really loved a woman?: Great pairings on both of the duets tonight!! Loved this version of the song - thought they added their own twist with the guitars and vocals, great arrangement - need to download this one!! LOVED Ellen's joke - LOL!

L & K Rankings:

Big Mike

Duet rankings:
Crystal and Lee
Casey and Big Mike

Our bottom two:
Big Mike and Lee, Lee goes home ( okay, so we know that this is not likely, but from a lil' taster competition standpoint - we have Lee going out 4th - so it would be great for us!)

America's bottom two:
Big Mike and Lee, and Lee goes home in a shocker! :)

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