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Friday, May 21, 2010

J completely calls it!

So I was reviewing our top 12 predictions and ran across J's post:

3. Lee - Even with the slightly pitchy vocals, he has got such an amazing stage presence, and I can already see him touring. I love, love, love this boy . . . I think he is going to be the surprise of the Top 12 . . . and may be the darkhorse to win.

2. Casey - AKA My Baby - Y'all know I love my baby. I think he has a consistent voice, plays a mean guitar, and has great stage presence. He very definitely could win this competition, but I think there is one more who could out do him . . .

1. Crystal - I just think she already carries herself as the consummate professional. I think some of the theme weeks will be difficult for her, but I think she's got it in her to emerge the winner . . . I think the Idol Machine will NOT want her to win . . . they would definitely be pulling for Didi, Lee, and
Casey . . .

Although J picked Casey/Crystal...when you look at his comments, he is completely spot on even calling Lee as the "darkhorse" and forecasting the Idol Producers/Judges wanting Lee to win over Crystal.

Way to go J.

Now the only question is how obvious he pimping of Lee in the finale will be.


DrL/K said...

re: pimpage: I have an idea: check the blog and make sure your speakers are turned on ;)

Courtesy of Tenacious D

-- K

Rubbertoe said...

LOL.....THAT was hilarious!