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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Maybe I'm Not Amazed about Idol's Top Three

Idol Top Three

Casey - It's Alright With Me: So, they have him going first and that must mean he is going under the bus. I liked this first song! It was catchy and fun, and I thought he did a good job. K says - While Casey didn't do anything 'wrong-er' than Crystal - he didn't get the positives tacked on to the end of his criticisms like she did.

Crystal - Come To My Window: Solid song choice - recognizable, and gave her a chance to get into the vocals and the guitar. Loved the harmonica touch! She is just so consistent and very listenable - I would buy her album right away. Judges seemed to think it was so-so - but managed to praise her a bit anyway.

Lee - Simple Man - can't imagine him doing a Skynrd song....hmmm. First part of the song was really good - the end of it was a bit predictable. Having the pimp spot and the lighting really helped him here. K's assessment - put it back in your pants, judges! I will make up my own mind - thanks.

Round One: Based on the first-halves of the songs - then Lee gets round one. But looking at overall song - thought Casey was better than the other two. Crystal was just in the middle.

Casey - Daughters: Beautiful, simple take on this great John Mayer tune - loved the guitar solo in there. He truly has a great gift in his guitar work. Judges still keeping him under the bus - by both the comments and maybe by the Randy/Kara song choice (at least that seems the point Simon is making). They don't WANT him to have a 'wow' factor!

Crystal - Maybe I'm Amazed: Loved it! Interesting that Ellen (non-music professional) picked a terrific song for her. It seemed to take her out of the comfort zone a bit at least from what we have been able to hear her sing, and it really worked.

Lee - Hallelujah: What??!! Not thrilled with this choice - didn't Jason Castro do a lovely version of this song? What about Tim Urban earlier this season? I was telling K - so...that means Tim can't perform it on the tour if gets snaked out from under him now. NOW - really not happy - he gets a choir??!! and smoke?? Looks like Idol is telling us who they want to win. That is kind of sickening.....Randy is right - Simon sure set him up. It is a great song - no doubt there, and it does wonders for anyone who sings it. Guess that bus was bigger than I thought - with both Casey and Crystal under it.

L&K Rankings (I guess they don't really rank them at this point, but oh well):


Going home: Casey

America's Rankings:


Going home: Casey


J said...

What I love is that I didn't even read your post before I posted mine. . . and we thought the exact same thing. Loves it. :)

Rubbertoe said...

Me too. I thought I would definitely be in the minority...but funny...we all felt the same.