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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Second Coming of Leezus Chriwyzest

Hey, just a quick post to respond to RT's comment on Jason's performance of Hallelujah being better than Lee's. We'll post the rest of our take on last night's Pimptacular show later this afternoon, before the East Coast results.

I took the liberty of embedding Rubbertoe's links to the two so you can see them side by side:

Dr. L and I were kind of a little sickened by the blatant over-pimpage of Lee. Of course Castro's version is better; he just didn't have a freaking choir of angels and smoke making it seem like the Second Coming of some unholy DemiDaughtrey.

It was a pretty good performance, Idol, stop trying to make it seem like it was the best performance in the history of music. If they were so convinced he could win it on his own merit, why shove Casey and Crystal so far under the bus, back up over them a couple of times and then place the flat, mangled remains on a railroad track? This was possibly the most heavy-handed bend-over Idol has ever perpetrated.

-- K

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