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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Top 5: It's Official . . . The Judges are Drunk, and Lee DeWyze Rocked the House

I heart Harry Connick Jr! :)

Here we go with our Top 5 and the oh so current Frank Sinatra theme week.

Thank goodness we didn't have to see the judges descend the stairs.

Here come our Top 5 . . . and isn't that sweet that MamaSox is on Big Mike's arm.

Ok, so Mr. Connick is writing the arrangements tonight for our Top 5 . . . interesting, I hope this goes well because perhaps it will lead to better arrangements in the future.

1. Aaron - Harry is already proving to be a good mentor . . . He's singing "Fly Me to the Moon" . . . He looks really cute tonight. His voice sounds good, but he's a bit behind the melody . . . he doesn't seem to have the beat to keep up with the music. The song is overpowering him a bit. As per usual, he is picking it up at the end. Randy thinks Aaron is in it to win it. Ellen thought the piano was a little pitcy :), she thinks he did pull it off. Kara thought it was good, but not as good as last week. Simon agrees with Kara and thinks Aaron didn't have the convicion that it should. . . but thinks he tried hard.

2. Casey - He's singing "Blue Skies" . . . I heart Casey . . . I want Harry Connick on the X Factor as a mentoring judge. His voice sounds really good . . . the reverse has happened with Casey as happened with Aaron . . . he is not being overpowered by the song, he commanded it. That was very, very solid indeed. Randy thought it was his worst performance. Ellen thought it was a bad idea to have the piano on stage :) . . . Ellen thought he was stiff. Kara thought it took him a long time to warm up. Simon didn't think he was fantastic, and thought he was a bit awkward. I don't get it . . . what were they hearing?

3. Crystal - She's singing "Summer Wind". . . I love that she started sitting next to Harry . . . I love her connection with the band and her voice is simply amazing . . . Stunning performance . . . simply stunning. Randy thought it was subdued and thought it was just okay. Ellen thought it was great but wanted her to loosen up a bit. Kara thought it was out of her element, but she kind of liked it. Simon thought it sounded a bit indulgent, but thought the second half was better.

Alison just texted me and said she wondered if the acoustics are different in the studio because we are hearing something completely different. I agree with Crystal about her interpretation of the song.

4. Big Mike - Alright, I shall breathe and develop a neutral attitude about Big Mike . . . I like him as a person, but I have not warmed to him as a contestant. He's singing "The Way You Look Tonight". I was really hoping this song for Lee or Casey . . . The hat needs to go . . . This is one of my favorite songs . . . I like his voice, but I wish he would have kept the tempo slow for this song. I thought the first little bit was great, but I don't love this upbeat arrangement for this song. I thought it was good . . . not great . . . but here comes the pimping from the judges . . . Randy thinks that Mike is in it to win it. Ellen thinks he has the most comfort on stage. Kara thinks he found the drama in the song, but didn't lose himself. Simon thinks he raised the bar.

5. Lee - He's singing "That's Life". Harry thinks he looks like a new and improved version of him. Lee's got his typical inital pitchiness, but this IS his genre. This is far and away the best performance of the night. Randy thinks he stayed himself, and loved it. Ellen was distracted by Harry's "organ" :) Ellen thinks if this had been the finale he would have won. Kara thinks he can win this thing. Simon thinks Harry has been incredible, and thinks that Lee was confident and showed personality.

The Rankings:

1. Lee
(Huge Space)
2. Crystal
3. Casey
4. Big Mike
5. Aaron

The reality is that Casey, Big Mike, and Aaron paled in comparison to Lee and Crystal. So, this week, we will go down to a bottom two. . .

My Bottom Two: Big Mike and Aaron
America's Bottom Two: Casey and Aaron
Going Home: AARON DAMN IT!

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