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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Top 4: Have You Ever Really . . . Really, Really, Ever Wanted to Free Willy?

Ok, so, I didn't live blog tonight's telecast . . . so here are my notes . . .

FIrst of all, as much as I dislike Jamie Foxx . . .he's a good mentor . . .

Lee - "Kiss From A Rose" . . . Lee was pitchier than normal, and didn't do much with the song . . . It was a little fast/rushed for me . . . ended on a good note.

Mike - That Free Willy Song . . . What makes this performance such a travesty is that it should have been a knock out . . . he had the advantage of the back up choir and it should have been an "Idol Moment". However, it fell flat and was just plain awful.

Casey - "Mrs Robinson" . . . I may be in the minority on this one, but I loved it. I thought it was simple and showcased Casey's always pitch perfect voice.

Crystal - "I'm Alright" . . . Crystal is golden . . . Not my favorite song, but I thought she changed it up and sang it well. . . and her boyfriend's flag pants cracked me up.

Crystal/Lee - "Falling Slowly" . . . ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS EVER. . . and I thought MamaSoxx and Lee knocked it out of the park. Lee, as usual, was a bit pitchy at the beginning. . . but that was recovered quickly . . . the harmonies were lovely and the performance was stunning.

Casey/Mike . . . "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman" . . . Bryan Adams cheese that wasn't what I thought it would be. I thought they did a lovely job. I think they did well with the guitars and both of their voices sounded on key . . . but not as harmonious as Crystal and Lee.

Solo Rankings
1. Crystal
2. Casey
(Huge Space)
3. Lee
4. Big Mike

Duet Rankings
1. Crystal/Lee
2. Casey/Mike

Overall Rankings
1. Crystal
2. Casey
3. Lee
4. Mike

My Bottom Two: Lee and Mike
America's Bottom Two: Casey and Mike
Eliminated: Mike

I'm sticking by my original Top 3 picks of Crystal, Casey, and Lee

1 comment:

DrL/K said...

Completely agree with you tonight on your baby Casey! It was just a wonderful performance - and cute as ever too.