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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can Kermie survive another week?

First up - Kermit. Proving once again that vote for the worst is right and that this guy shouldn't have even been in the top 12 let alone the top 8. The guy is a complete freak and he doesn't even sing well. He prances around the stage singing poorly...and yet...the judges see some need to keep this guy around. He needs to go and he needs to go now. The guy is absolutely horrible.

Lauren - Good but not over the top great. I'm still waiting for the Lauren we saw in the auditions to come back.

Stefano- You know I love me some Stefano...but why choose a group song to sing solo? Stefano's downfall has been choosing bad songs. He does have one of the better voices...but just makes bad choices. The vocal was good..but I don't think the song choice did him any favors.

Scotty - should have song Everybody's talkin at me....much better song choice than George Strait. Scotty was outsung by the backup singers in this song. Scotty gets the super idol pimping this season.

Casey - Casey chose Nat King Cole over Phil Collins....go choice...anyone over Phil Collins is a good choice. I actually liked the song a lot...but it is not going to win him many votes. Too old fashioned....but the saving grace...I don't think Phil Collins would have gotten him many votes either.

Hailey - For once Hailey actually sang the song instead of screaming it. She hit all the right notes and for once her performance didn't come off as complete cheeseball. I'm not a Hailey fan, but tonight it was good.

Jacob - Did what Jacob does. Good song choice for him but I think his predictable performances are going to doom him in the end.

James - I'm not a fan of the genre...but James was excellent at what he did. He is definitely the performer of the bunch.

Rubbertoes bottom 3: Paul, Stefano and Lauren

Picking America's bottom 3 is going to be tough this week...who has the strongest voting bases? I'm beginning to believe that it will be the rocker v. the country crooner in the finale....
I think America's bottom 3 are going to be based on strength of fan base and song choice that didn't do people any favors.

1. Paul - I HAVE to believe that Paul will be in the bottom 3. He was the only bad one of the night and the freaky guy can't have that many fans out there.
2. Jacob - I think his fan base cannot be that strong either and he continually does the same basic thing week after week
3. Stefano - AI tried to give him major pimping to keep him on the show, but it isn't going to be enough to keep him out of the bottom 3...and it remains to be seen whether the pimping saves him at all this week.

Who goes home....either Stefano or Paul....but once again I'm predicting Paul. Eventually America will get this one right.

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