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Friday, April 8, 2011

Pia Schmia

Ok...I am going to weigh in here and I might disagree a bit.

While I am shocked and disappointed that Pia was voted off this early, I don't find it to be the biggest shock in AI history that many people do. Face it.....Pia was predictable and bland. She has to accept part of the blame herself for not bringing any performance to her performances. Hell...even Scotty has a better stage precense.

I don't find Pia getting voted off as shocking as Jennifer Hudson or Daughtry in seasons past.

I do find it interesting that in what was supposed to be a girls year, that there are only two girls left and one of them is Hailey. I fully expected Pia/Lauren in the finale though and her getting voted off really blasts the competition wide open.

I don't see Scotty in the finale...then again, who would have seen Taylor Hicks in the final?

I still think this is Laurens to lose

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