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Thursday, April 14, 2011

TheTop 8: In the Dark Again!!! Ugh!

Ugh! I didn't get to watch all of Idol last night. Someone from school had the nerve to call me during Idol last night . . . the NERVE! So, I saw Haley, Jacob, and James and the review of the contestants. In addition, I listened to the studio versions of the songs . . . so, I have no rankings, but I have a bottom three and an elimination.

Might I just say, I don't have him in America's bottom three, but I still don't get the big deal about Jacob. His last three notes were AMAZING, but the rest of "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" sucked. He was all over the place . . . PITCHY, PITCHY, PITCHY! I don't get the judge's love affair with Jacob. Now, I'll climb off the soap box.

What I heard . . . Jacob, not so much, Haley sucked . . . please don't do Blondie, and James was AMAZING!

From the review: My Bottom Three: Jacob, Haley, and Stefano

America's Bottom Three: Paul, Haley, and Stefano

Going Home . . . I haven't read the Lil Tasters reviews, but I assume I'm on the island of unpopular opinion . . . .Stefano

I guess we'll see. :)

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