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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Top Six: Please Stop the Duets

Ok, so I'm kind of reporting from the dark again . . . but not really. I was unable to watch the show last night because of the storms in Alabama . . . I was on the phone with the mother. She is fine . . . made it through the night.

So, today, thanks to our friends over at Idol Blog Live, I listened to the live versions of the performances. I will provide a brief synopsis with my rankings . . .

1. James - The acapella beginning was amazing . . . far and away the best of the bunch.
(Huge Space)
2. Scotty - As per usual, I don't like his music, but he is pitch perfect.
3. Haley - I'm surprised as anyone that I've grown to love this girl. I thought she tore up the ending of the song, and was steady in the beginning
(Very Close)
4. Lauren - I thought she did a good job. She was steady throughout . . . I just thought Haley pushed herself a little further than Lauren.
5. Casey - He spoke the majority of the song . . . or should I say growled. I'm not sure what else to say . . . the only reason he isn't last is because he was on pitch . . . when he sang .
6. Jacob - He, unfortunately, did not remain on pitch. There was one very long drawn out off key note that sent him to the bottom of my list.


I thought all of the duets were pretty subpar. I'm ranking these according to how well they sounded together.

1. Haley/Casey - I thought their harmony was just slightly better than . . .
2. Lauren/Scotty - I thought they were good but flat in parts
3. Jacob/James - There are no words for how bad this was

My Bottom Three: Lauren, Casey, and Jacob
America's Bottom Three: Lauren, Casey and Jacob
Going Home: Casey

I think I'm going out on a limb by picking Lauren in the bottom three and Casey to go home . . . but ya gotta take chances in this crazy game called Idol. :) Now, I get to go read the other reviews and update the points game. :)

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