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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who's the unlucky of the seven?

First let me say...AWESOME night!...I though they were all pretty good tonight. I loved the impressions that each contestant gave of one another (I don't remember them doing that before....)

Here are my Rankings starting with the Best to Worst (I just read J's blog and can't believe who much we differ this season...much more than years past....and thanks JAY for coming around on Paul....he was even worse than usual tonight)

1. James - Incredible tonight. I loved his mix of theatrics with vocals and the rock. I'm not sure if it will sell with America but he's consistent week after week.

2. Hailey (SHOCKER). I'm not a Hailey fan...I've been ragging on her from the beginning. But she is getting better and better and I thought she did an incredible job tonight.

3. Lauren - OK maybe I'm biased. She still hasn't risen to the level that we know that she can...the level we saw at the beginning...but she looked gorgeous and her vocals were good. She needs some stage presence and some confidence to propel her. If she is going to win it all, she is going to have to kick it to the next level

4. Stefano - Vocals were only so so....however, his performance was second best only to James. He owned the stage tonight. He is in danger of going home, but I think he is safe tonight, simply because I think his performance earned him those extra votes to save him

5. Casey - Second half of the song was good, but the first half was very weak. It sounded as if he was talking the song rather than singing it. Casey is capable of better. I love Maroon five, but this song did nothing for Casey.

6. Jacob - It was good...but only so so. I think he got thrown off from the beginning. He is capable of bigger and better.

7. Scotty - Worst Scotty performance of the season. It was weak and rather corny. It was particularly bad when he sang the verse an octave lower. I know what he was trying to do, but it came off weak.

Rubbertoe's bottom 3- Casey Jacob and Scotty - Scotty would go home....However, America loves Scotty too much so he is safe.

America's bottom 3 will be Stefano, Casey and Jacob - Jacob goes home.

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DrL/K said...

Hey Rubbertoe!

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To that end, I came up with an extra gmail account, so no one in BloggerLand will be privy to our private information. If you want to contact us, send an email to:
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-- K