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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shot a man in Reno - so he'd stop singin' on Idol

Okay Idol, let's get to rockin'!

Jacob - Man in the MIrror. K says it is interesting that RockNRoll week happens when he is the last man of color. His version was okay, but the performance was kind of weird. DrL says - thought there were a couple of flat notes here and there, but overall not bad. It was really great that he chose a song that he felt most comfortable singing - echoing Randy's point. Wow that one of the songwriters was singing with him!!

Haley - Piece of My Heart - the perfect match of a song for her voice! Great choice and performance for her. Might not have smiled as much…but she was having fun. Always performs the same way, no matter what the song. That being said - She really seemed to be comfortable up there and for once, all the stomping around fit this tune. LOVED the Gwen Stefani styling!

Casey - Have you ever seen the rain? K says this was a pleasant performance, but kinda low key - after the first two. This song had the potential to be karaoke, but Casey found a way around that. The upright bass was awesome! Loved this!

Lauren - Natural Woman - Ms. Kelly set the bar really high for anyone else to perform this song, but Lauren did a super job! K says it was one of his favorite Lauren songs. Loved her interpretation of it. Again, loving the Gwen style!

Side note: Todd in the crowd!!! Todd is God!

James - While my guitar gently weeps - Wow! K says that was the first authentic performance of the night of real rock-n-roll (blues, soul, etc.). Went from really understated, emotional and then powered on up to that awesome note at the end. That was a chance worth taking - loved it!

Scotty - That's alright mama - K says interesting that Scotty is juxtaposed against James, as he thought this was the most inauthentic and contrived performance. Nobody commented, but he effed up the lyrics! DrL just couldn't quit giggling at the silly moves he makes. WHAT was that demonic look he gave there at the end of the song??

Pia - River Deep Mountain High - after Ryan's comment, DrL was really worried that she was going to sing 'Walk on the Wild Side'…. that little mini explosion behind her was almost too weak compared to her voice! It was much more uptempo - but I am looking for her to get out and move a bit more - and maybe a contemporary uptempo tune.

Stefano - When a man loves a woman - K says the first part of the song owned him, but he got it back during the 2nd half of the song. DrL wondered if it was too old of a song for him - he was a bit pushy with it. K says he was surprised at his range - he really took it up there.

Paul - Folsom Prison Blues - DrL loved it! What a great way to end the show. K says that Paul being considered good is from a universe where Sanjaya could be good - he's more of a novelty. Can't hold a note to save his life.

DrL&K Rankings:










DrL&K's bottom three:

Casey, Stefano, Scotty
Stefano goes home

America's bottom three:
Haley, Stefano, Jacob

Jacob goes home in a shocker! It's about time for a guy to go....
Looking forward to a fun results show tonight!!

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