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Thursday, April 7, 2011

What a Crock of Shit

Yeah, we are totally feeling J's rant. What the fuck, America? You can't even blame it on Idol (you can, but more on that in a sec) as much as the fucking idiots voting out there. I have read article after article saying the tween female vote is responsible for this mind-boggling season, and the past few. One by one, the Idol girls get assassinated early and the cute factor outweighs the talent in most of the Idol boys. Hard to argue with that, the way it's shaping up. But PIA? Damn it. She was too good, I guess.

Back to how Idol should take part of the heat for this: yeah J, damn right, Steven, JLo and Randy ought to be kicking themselves HARD for WASTING the save on Casey. I swear to God, if you look back at the moment they used it to save Fozzy, the camera cut to the remaining contestants, and Pia had an odd look on her face. At the time, I was thinking "they should have saved that for her, or James, or hell, even Lauren" and I think many of the contestants flashed that thought, too. Well, now it's come back to bite them on the ass. Good job, morons. Might as well give it to Alfred E Newman (Scotty) now.


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