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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Its time for Kermit the frog to be voted off

Jacob - Man in the mirror. He started off very pitchy but we definitely delivered as it progressed. Thought he probably earned some mid-America votes for saying that he didn't want to sing "lets get it on" because it was about "doing the nasty" and it just isn't him...but yet....interesting, he was doing those hip thrusts with the back-up singer.

Haley - Doing a poor impression of Janice. At least when Janice screams she does so melodically...Haley just screamed. Haley has this cheesyness to her....I don't know what the judges heard.

Casey - picked a great song...Casey sounds very John Fogetry...I'm not a Casey fan but he's been good the last couple of weeks.

Lauren - Takes on Aretha...the Queen...and although she is no Aretha...she did a really good job with the song. I liked the Country vibe she gave it....countrol.

Question: Why does Christian Slater look like a friggin bobble head. He looks freaky sitting behind them nodding his head on every he looks like is is higher than a kite.

James - A softer side of James. Wow....the song really showed off what a great voice he actually has. He took the risk and it paid off.

Scott - Scotty is starting to remind me of a combination of Howdy Dowdy....Woody from Toy Story with a touch of Curious George. I like the fact that he took it up tempo. He isn't as good as the true singers this season, but he's got just a good enough voice and his dorky personality to move him along for a little while longer.
I don't like the way that he holds the microphone though....

Pia - Wow...Pia is definitely the front runner here. I stand by my Pia/Lauren finale....(so does Christian Slater's daughter). I kinda understand what the judges are saying about Pia needing to study some true performers to take it to the next level...

Stefano - When a man loves a woman...he's just so cute. He said it was going to be a big week for him...I'm not so sure...more like a big weak. I thought the vocals were good, but I don't know that it was a great song choice for him

Paul - It is WAAAAAY past time for this guy to be gone. How he even made the top 12 is beyond me. I think Vote for the Worst is really influencing the vote here.

Rubbertoes bottom 3 - Paul, Haley and Scotty

America's bottom 3 will be very different: Paul, Stefano and Jacob

Going home: Paul....please God....please......

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