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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Six in the city

Abbreviated blog tonight from Rubbertoe:

I thought that they all did pretty well tonight...however, the best of the night by a landslide: James Durbin.

My other in the top 3 would be Lauren Alaina and Hailey who continues to surprize me. Hailey has dropped the cheesyness that so enveloped her early performances. She seems to get better every week...however....too little too late.

Rubbertoe's Bottom 3: Scotty, Jacob and Casey. Although they all were pretty good as well.
Scotty did what Scotty does.....Jacob started a little weak, but killed it in the end...and Casey was either dig him or you don't....I just don't, but I was never a Taylor Hicks fan either.

Duets - Scotty and Alaina were awesome.....Hailey and Casey (Hmmmmmmm)....were good too. James and Jacob....not so much.

Rubbertoes bottom 3 - Scotty, Jacob and heart says that Casey should go home
America's bottom 3 - Jacob, Casey and Hailey....Jacob goes home

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J said...

Hey RT, we're finally kind of, sort of, back on the same page. :)