<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Top Seven:

It all starts NOW!

I'm back, bitches!!!!!

It's America's Top 7!!!!

THIS is AMERican Idol!!!!!

Ok, so I've gotten over the fact that my favorites are gone. I only have one favorite left . . . James. I'm hopeful for my boy tonight. This is the first season in all ten that I'm down to one this early. Please, Lord, please, let him do well. :)

Tonight's theme is music of the 21st century. OMG! You mean they are actually gonna sing current music! And here comes the deleted Idols . . . including my Pia . . . who will be on Dancing With The Stars next week . . . although I don't watch that show . . . Check my flow, uh!

I LOVE Paul, but he sounds awful . . . yes Rubbertoe, I'm willing to admit that . . . :)

Is this Idol's way of trying to stretch seven singers into an hour and a half

1. Scotty - He is clearly a front runner now . . . ugh . . . let's see what he has for us tonight. He is singing, "Swinging" by LeeAnn Rimes . . . .SHOCKING! It's easy to forget that thidss boy is 17 years old. As per usual, Mr. Scotty is pitch perfect . . . I wish it was my cup of tea, but not so much. I will say, this is the first week when I think he is kind of boring. He is completely on pitch, but his choice of song is boring. If the judges are at all with it they will hit him up for being boring . . .

Steven - Wants him to boot scoot it a bit more
JLo - Didn't think he brought out the big guns
Randy - Thought he was very "safe" and um, "boring"

2. James - Ryan, calm down . . . Can I interrupt and say that I want Jacob gone . . . ok, I'm back. He is singing "Uprising" by Muse . . . I'm not sure I know this song, but I love that he is singing a Muse song . . . LOVE MUSE. Don't be boring, biggun! He's like a straight-ish version of Adam Lambert . . . He has definitely brought the drama tonight. He is pitch perfect . . . even with his screams. However, I will say, this is not my fav performance of his. I think it's better than Scotty, but he's screaming too much.

JLo - Already thinks it will be theatrically the best performance of the night.
Randy - Loves his "metal" thing
Steven - wants him to stay "out of his closet" and thinks it was "crazy good"

3. Haley - Oh Lord, she's gonna sing Adele. . . . I LOVE Adele . . . I'm worried about this one . . . She is singing "Rolling in the Deep" . . . I Know this Song . . . Adele is going to be difficult for Haley. I'm just not sure about this choice . . .it's bold. To quote Paula Abdul, "she looks amazing". Surprisingly, she sounds pretty good. I'm a little stunned by how good this rendition is. She was spot on and pitch perfect . . . well done, Ms. Haley.

Randy - Thinks she chose a perfect direction for her
Steven - Thought she was slow at the start, but brought it on in the middle
JLo - Thought she brought a little bit of Haley to it at times . . .

4. Jacob - trying to convince everyone that he is not a DIVA . . . try again . . . He is singi "Dance With My Father" by Luther . . . I feel about this the same way I feel about Scotty . . . this is a great song, but not out of his comfort zone. If he doesn't change it, he could be in trouble. Apparently I am biased . . . but he is once again singing straight out of his nose. Ugh. I feel like I'm Rubbertoe commenting about Paul . . . Ugh. I think I'm making the exact same commentary about him every week. I think he is hitting bad notes throughout the performance until the end. VOTE HIM OFF!

Steven - Thinks that he lost the track but "his daddy was up there listening to him"
JLo - Thinks emotionally it was a beautiful a performance
Randy - Thinks vocally it was good but didn't make him jump up and down

A commercial break between each singer? Really? . . .

5. Casey - He singing Maroon Five "Harder to Breathe" . . . This is an AWESOME song. I'm really hopeful for this performance. He's playing guitar. This could be an Idol moment . . . I keep hoping for an Idol moment. LOVE the beginning. He's not quite as pitch perfect as the rest of them, but this is a GREAT performance. He is channelling Adam Levine nicely. I'm discovering that Casey is a strange mix of Taylor Hicks and Blake Lewis. . . nice job on this one.

JLo - Thinks Casey has "soft lips" :)
Randy - Thinks it is always about "surprise, surprise, surprise"
Steven - Thinks that he is already a "cult hero" . . . and he cursed. :)

6.Stefano - Does anyone else think that he is trying to hard to be a s "straight boy" . . . tonight he is singing "Closer" by Ne-Yo . . . . this could be wonderful or disaster . . . the beginning is boring . . . and a little off key . . . This is a little bit of a disaster. . . .as in, unless, Lauren destroys her song, there is no doubt who is going home . . .

Randy - Thought he smoothed it out
Steven - Didn't say much
JLo - Thought he had his swag going on . . .


7. Lauren - Rubbertoe's girl is UP! I want to believe in her, but I haven't quite gotten it yet. Tonight she is singing, "Born to Fly" by Sarah Evans. She's doing this same country Kelly Pickler thing she always does . . . .she sounds good, but not great. I like her, but am still not convinced to love her.

Steven - Thinks she has a great swagga
JLo - Wonders why she doesn't sing the big notes like everyone else
Randy - Yo . . . thinks JLo is right on target . . . .

My initial rankings:

1 Casey
2. James
3. Haley
4. Lauren

5. Scotty

6. Jacob
7. Stefano

My bottom three: Scotty, Jacob & Stefano
America's Bottom Three: Stefano, Haley, & Jacob
Going Home: Stefano

Can't wait to hear my west coasties opinions . . . .

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