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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Six Pack

great job, actually sang instead of diva'ing out. Jimmy SAID he was doomed, and he's in the KoD spot, so he probably is. That is an "interesting" outfit. Whoever is styling these guys is hit or miss this season.

so boring. Thanks Randy, for backing us up on that. WTF is JLo saying? She didn't hear the same song we did. Nigel's scripted BS, to keep her in. Where was the BIG note they talked so much about? Never heard it after the rehearsal footage. Meanwhile, they are praising her for over-singing, who else would they say this to? Blatant pimping.

so cute! Did Steven just bust them re: being a couple? They did better with the duet last week.

Not going anywhere, though it about killed him to "de-Scotty" the song. Sounded pretty good, seriously; but hell, he had the London Philharmonic onstage with him, so why wouldn't he. Smart, most recognizable song of the night (barring the Casey/Hailey duet).

WOW. On its own page, The James Durbin Show. Outstanding. This is how all the contestants should bring it, and with diversity too.

Lauren/Scotty: why is Ryan pretending they're hooking up? Ms. Thang wouldn't be caught dead with Howdy Doody in the real world. Usually they sound better than this.

Liked it, very entertaining. Nobody does the jazzy stuff like this but him. But will America keep him in for this deviation from Pop? We always crack up when he slaps the hands of the fans who reach up during the performance. I can't think of another contestant who seemed so do mildly deranged who made it this far.

It was okay. She has a good voice, but it wasn't a "moment". Maybe all she has to do is beat jacob at this point, but there's no way this will get her through next week if she's still here. If Idol success were based on who I'd want to have a beer with, she'd be up there, I think.

best duet of the night. Funny how divergent our critique is from RT's! I guess I just don't care for Lauren Alaina. It's like, maybe she has one of the best race cars on the track, but she never shifts into top gear.

our ranking:

(alternate universe sized space)


our B3: Jacob, Hailey, Lauren

America's B3: Jacob, Hailey, Casey
Jacob goes home.


Rubbertoe said...

Loved reading your is a really interesting season....our opinions are all over the place and widespread, unlike in years past.
I thought that Lauren was quite good last night...but she needs a confidence boost....right now she is Carrie Underwood-lite and that isn't going to get her far.

Thought it was interesting that you guys loved Jacob/Jason's duet...I thought it was a train wreck....strange pairing...but hey...we all have our little tastes!!!...can't wait to see what J thought!

J said...

I love how different all of our reviews are this year. It just cracks me up . . . it makes me wonder if they would be more similar if we were all watching together. :)