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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

F#@king Great, Man

Scotty - Swingin' - that was kinda silly - to select for the 21st century song! And, does it count if someone remade the song? The original was from 1982..and should have stayed there! His country choices slant to the corn of a Billy Ray Cyrus tune…ugh. K thought this felt like the pick of somebody who is over-confident.

James - Uprising - WOW! Loved it!! That was so good! K says he thought James did better than some of the "performance night" celebs. Those were some incredible high notes. Great song choice! K said they obviously feel like he & the song are strong enough to save the pimp spot for someone in danger...

Ohh, I heart u Steven Tyler! He has the best quips every night.

Haley - Adele tune - K thought this was the best she has sounded all season! Great song choice. It is a really good fit for her range - DrL loves the Adele version, so it was harder to think about Haley singing it, but she did well. K thinks she should put a tack in her shoe to keep her from smiling on every dang song.

Jacob - Dance with my father - Looking sharp in his shiny suit! Not my fave performance of Jacob's - but he did an okay job. I would have preferred if he would have done a softer version. I don't care for him when he gets all gospel-y. K says when Jacob sings it winds up being all at one level - cranked up to 11.

Casey - Maroon Five tune - That was priceless! OMG! I was gonna say that he was doing the stalker-y version of this song which I was totally loving, but that kiss was hilarious! Loved it - he definitely made it his own. Gotta love the spunkiness of this dude. K loved that everyone with the fake Casey beard looked Amish. He vows to use the screencap of bearded Ryan in some hilarious photochop.

Stefano - Neo tune - Much better job this week - he showed he can control his voice and not do all the herky-jerky stuff - at least in the beginning of the song. Not too sure about the dancing! (J - that was an interesting observation you made! Hadn't thought about that). K busts out laughing whenever Stefano pronounces anything with the "err" sound in it: "ya herrrd" "werrrd". He did it in the very first verse tonight. Rhymes with "turd"...

Lauren Alaina - Born to Fly - Hmm, not so much - I think she didn't put her all into it. I wish she could punch it up a bit. Where were her big notes?? K says that was no less of a phoned in performance that Scotty's, but there was a lot more pizazz around it (i.e. Idol doesn't want her to go). Every week (after, when was it? week two? When the judges DARED to mildly criticize her and she about shit herself) the judges try to gently coax a bolder performance for her, mollycoddle her to bring her latent talent out. To quote Steven Tyler, F#*K that. Let her bring it or go home.




Lauren Alaina




DrL&L Bottom Three:
Stefano, Jacob, Scotty

America's bottom Three:
Haley, Jacob , Stefano - Stefano goes home

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