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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't stop believin' in the Top 4!

American Idol Top 4!

It is hard to believe that we are getting close to the end of the American Idol season -and I am sure none of us Lil' Tasters thought THIS was the top four we would be looking at!

James - Don't Stop Believing - what a great Journey tune, and a great choice for his inspirational tune! It is memorable and his performance was spot on! K says: Brilliant song choice because it is the right mix of a popular song, but also is hard to sing. He sang it perfectly!

Haley - Michael Jackson tune - I really liked this song, even though I didn't know it very well. I thought she chose it from a personal standpoint, but maybe to a fault as it might not resonate with the crowd as the most memorable tune. The judges seemed harsh - but she took it pretty well. K says - thought it was smart to pick an MJ tune, but of all the songs he has in his catalog - could have picked a more recognizable tune. Started off really well, but then had nowhere to go with the song - so it ended with about 2/3 of the song with her shouting and stomping around.

Scotty - Alan Jackson tune - is it me, or does his voice startle you each time he starts singing? I should be used to it by now, but it is so low! I don't know this song either, but I have a feeling that lots of folks that love country music do, and that should help him tonight. K - never thought I would say this - but Scotty is a GENIUS - because the week after Osama Bin Laden was killed - he managed to work in 9/11, Jesus, and even gave a shout-out to fried chicken and sweet tea, so everyone in America is gonna burn up the phone lines to keep Scotty through to the finale. He did a good job with the song, and it was heartfelt - but it was just fucking genius!

Lauren Alaina - Martina McBride song - K says - complete emotional disconnect with that song. She clearly has a great voice, but she doesn't have any life experience that makes the song meaningful. Her interpretation of the song just didn't fit, the timing was off and awkward. No emotional connection means a misfire for K. I thought that she had several missed opportunities with this song (as she does with most songs). She has a great voice, but I think she is still struggling to belt out those notes and hold them. At the end of the song, she seemed to rush through - just to be done with it. Apparently…the judges completely disagree with us! K - says incredible over-pimpage. Yikes, what's up with the dress??

Round 2
Lady Gaga as a mentor - how fun!

Haley - I Who Have Nothing - Great mentoring advice for Haley from Gaga and she seems to really have taken it to heart (that facial stuff is freaking me out - so can't really watch Gaga give the advice). Everything she didn't do in Round 1 - she did it and more in this song. K- says this was a big fuck-you to Randy and JLo! What a perfect song and fantastic performance - she really had a moment. LOL - Steven - his comments are sooooo funny! She just Reinharted herself into the middle of next week! Thankfully it was a 180 and not the 360 that Haley discussed after her song.

Scotty - Youngblood - okay….this is just pure cheese! Yikes, those theatrics were so silly. K says that this was like another 'Swingin' - he has no idea how ridiculous he looks. Gotta watch out for those performances where they wander around and try to bring the crowd in - to draw attention away from the song. Thank you Steven for keeping it real with the Pat Boone comment!

Lauren Alaina - Elvis tune - Another dreadful outfit -the 1980's called and they want those shoulder pads back….K says that was about a Top 11 level performance for him. Best part of the performance in the first 10 seconds, and went downhill from beginning to end. If she could have sustained that first part of the song, it could have been pretty good. For me, I thought that it was okay - but the first part of the song was much better than the last half. I had to laugh when I realized she was going to be saying 'evil' throughout the whole song….

James - Love Potion No. 9 - that was great - I had not idea what he would do with that tune, but that was really fun! The holding out at the end - seemed like the audience loved it. K says it wasn't as good as his first tune tonight, but it showed how consistent he can be.

Rankings of all performances

James #1

Haley #2

Scotty #1

James #2




Scotty #2

Our Bottom two:
Lauren and Scotty, Lauren goes home

America's bottom two:
Lauren and Haley, Haley goes home (she shouldn't but she probably will)

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