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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Dirt from on Post-Idol D-baggery!

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Apparently, the last year's ("reigning"?) Idol is supposed to present the New Idol with some kind of trophy. Except Lee DeWyze refused to present it to Scotty so JLo had to! Ha!
I pointed out to Dr. L, as we watched the finale last night, that DeWyze seemed to be cranky about something.
If you look at the pic

he's right in the camera line behind the judges so he's visible a lot, and Ryan was in the row right beside him in one particular shot later in the evening.
I don't have a capture of it, but if you rewind last night's show and find that shot (and maybe others), Lee's wife has an Eat Shit look on her face as Ryan is babbling about whatever's coming next on the show. She then leans over and says something to Lee about it, and he looks like he wants to club a baby seal.
I just figured she was miffed that they weren't paying proper respect to Lee, and basically ignored his existence as last year's Idol the entire finale. Maybe that's part of it; but the word is there's some kind of feud between DeWyze and Nigel.

What a D bag, acting like an infant and probably making it awkward for Howdy Doody to get on with being irrelevant, like he had a year to do on Idol's dime.

-- K

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Rubbertoe said...

Thanks for the info....I thought something was up...I was a little surprized that Lee didn't have any kind of we know why!