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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Idol Crowns the Season Ten Boat Anchor!

-- who will sink into oblivion faster than you can say Lee DeWyze... or Kris Allen... or Taylor Hicks...

hard to believe we went through ALLL those folks this season, only to get down to Scotty and Lauren Alaina! At least Hot Fiddle Guy got to burn up some strings there at the end :)

122 million votes! We heard a rumor that at most of those went to Scotty… 2 to 1...
Randy taking a break from his gig at KFC to work the Idol finale tonight - WTF is that outfit??

Oh poor Lauren, they could not have made her ass look bigger if they had tried! Needed some silver stripes or something on those pants to create a slimming effect. 

Some good old Idol-cheestastic choreography! I do love that Lady Gaga song though :) K says - the parade of people who should have gone farther…was Jacob suffering from diva-deprivation  -cause he was laying the ham on thick every time he got in front of the camera. 

James - with Judas Priest! Wow - go James! K says I must have been in a coma   - cause the finale just started tonight - THAT was a finale performance. james was able to peel the paint off space stations for the past ten weeks and never blew a vocal chord, hmmmm??

The 'in it to win it' montage! Side note - J , you were correct the alcohol is making this show quite entertaining :) We have been putting the Jimmy Buffet-approved Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker to good use.

Jacob and the gospel moment… and he gets Gladys Knight! Suddenly we are now donating to the tornado victims - (which is great!) but that came out of nowhere?? this is the best jacob song - where he is in the background. K says typical Jacob - the first part was great, and then he went off the rails! 

Two shows we need to see so far - Gladys at the Tropicana, and Judas Priest farewell tour 'Epitaph'. both likely much more entertaining than the Idol tour. 

Casey - and Jack Black! OMG - that was hilarious - LOVED it! K says it was totally worth a plug for Kung Fu Panda 2 to hear Jack Black. L wants to watch that again - I loved it! So funny that both J & RT hated it, we are big fans of Tenacious D so it was musical candy.

Idol loves the Beyonce songs! Side note  - K says, while the ladies of the Top 13 perform, it was the right call to kick Ashthon out 13th. Sux. BTW, are they purposefully keeping Pia off center stage? She has barely had any solo moments so far. Ugh on the slow song! And now for the real singer - here's Beyonce! She's got a face like here's how you do it, JLo!
Agree with RT, though, when they do give Pia a "moment" -- she is either in don't give a F mode, or she was never up to the hype in the first place.

Steven - bringing the house down - and he did last night too. the audience LOVED him. 

Tony Bennett - Haley. Can't imagine that most of the people at home or in the audience know who he is? And, imagine that, Tony has a new album coming out. This song will be a big hit on the time traveler radio station , K says he doesn't know what good it will do in the 21st century. 

Lil Jon? for like 5 seconds and TLC? K says, only the colored girls get to sing on this montage? They should have had a hologram of Lisa 'left eye' Lopez to sing with them. Noticed JLo is missing from the judges panel during that. Nice creepy comment from Ryan - eww and oh no! 

Scotty and Tim McGraw! Wonder if Tim is still plugging 'Country Strong'? Maybe Tim is just plugging his hotness tonight - and that works just fine for L, although he is probably bald under that cowboy hat. Good upper register there Scotty! 

Idol comedy relief section…

Marc Anthony, Sheila E!  cutting loose with JLo - that was great! JLo saying to Beyonce -- let's see you shake that ass like THIS in 15 years, beyotch.

Okay, I'm guessing maybe the purple one is about to grace our presence?! Oops, wrong guess, how about ….Tom Jones! Heading further into cheestastic land. Jacob that is just wrong - ewww, please make him stop. all the old folks in the audience, get up and dance! K's sister has a handkerchief she handed Tom Jones after a show in 1970, he wiped his brow - and she put it in a frame! He was the shit 40 years ago! 

Man, Paul's hair and dance moves so remind me of Heat Miser -- anybody remember him?

Ughh on the final Ford commercial - and another creepy comment from Ryan. And here's your brand new car!! LOL! What do you want to bet Lauren picks the Expedition Stegasaurus-sized SUV?

and Lady Gaga - K says, the flashback from the acid he took twenty years ago just kicked in. Did this just get kinda PG13 or beyond? Fun, diving off into the volcano - how about that production number! 

Carrie Underwear thankfully comes to rescue Lauren from completely butchering that song. She is so skinny it looked Lauren drained four pints of blood out of her before she came on stage. Did Lauren just completely bail out on the end of that song?

Beyonce gets two performances? Okay the Spiderman stuff is just ridiculous. We had to fast forward through that. This show is like a microcosm of the whole season: started promising and gets more ludicrous as it gets closer to the end.

Steven Tyler - 'nuff said - pretty embarrassing Idol contestants - when a 60-something year old dude wipes the floor with you. Dream on that you will have that kind of career! 

And the RESULTS…….Scotty !
K says Lauren might be be wondering  how that statue might look up Scotty's ass?! PRICELESS - the Jack Black snub during the Scotty family hugs.
Go Lil Tasters!! What a surreal season of AI! 

-- Dr. L & K

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