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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Top Two: Some Singing, Some Drama, And a Conspiracy Theory?

What will happen? Lauren Alaina has reportedly lost her voice, and Haley has reportedly rehearsed in case she has to step in. I'm writing approximately five minutes prior to the finale and no official statement has been made. If Lauren performs, is this a way to gain sympathy for her so that she has a shot against Scotty the Body? I could def get behind that conspiracy theory . . . .
Here we go . . . We are seeing vids of Carrie Underwood and David Cook . . . and they are showing Lauren and Scotty . . .looks like Lauren is going to perform.

La Seacrest looks cute in his tux . . .

They are announcing Scotty vs. Lauren . . . her voice must have recovered. I wonder if they will say anything about it?

Again, I will say, what in gay hell is Lauren wearing. Oh, wait, here is the doctor telling us that during the rehearsal Lauren blew out one of her vocal cords. She's been given a lot of meds and he is confident that she is going to do great.

Three rounds: 1)Contestants favorite performance, celebrity picks (Carrie Underwood and George Strait), and the Idol singles.

1. Scotty - He is singing "Gone". I'm not sure I remember this performance. They all tend to blend together. He is interacting with the band very well, and his voice sounds very, very good indeed. I will say the first little bit of the song was a bit rough, but he has recovered nicely. Might I say, he has learned how to work a stage very nicely. He doesn't seem a bit nervous. Very very good start.

Oh, they are going back to season 1 where the judges do not comment. Very interesting.

2. Lauren - she is singing "Flat on the Floor" - again I don't really remember this one. She is being a little bit overpowered by the band. However, she does sound really good. It's almost as if she is pulling away from the mic at times and is, as usual, running out of air. Very good start, but . . .

Round One easily goes to Scotty.

3. Scotty - George Strait picked his song. He has picked "Check Yes Or No". Again, I do not know this song. Scotty is in his comfort zone with the guitar. What are these weird eyebrow things he is doing? I'm so curious to hear from Dr.L&K how this is playing in person. I think this is a boring song. Scotty is definitely in his comfort zone, but I do not thing this song was a very good choice for the Idol finale. I'm underwhelmed.

4. Lauren - Carrie Underwood picked her song. She has picked, "Maybe It Was Memphis" . . . ditto on not knowing the song. She's behind the music. . . why isn't she singing "Before he cheats"? She is strangely struggling on the lower notes but doing much better on the high notes. This was a better song choice than Scotty's. And she did a much better job than in round one.

Round Two goes to Lauren by a hair

Randy - Round One to Scotty and Round Two to Lauren
JLo - ditto . . . SHOCKING
Steven - Round 1 and 2 to Lauren because she is prettier

Funny side note: My grandmother just called and called bullshit on Idol for what she considers to be an unfair advantage to Lauren. My 85 year old grandmother just called a conspiracy theory!

Why is this fool performing in the middle of an Idol finale?

1. Scotty - the single is "I Love You This Big" - Might I just say that I love Jimmy Ivine. A little Scotty video in the background. A very typical Scotty song. I wonder if the background will be the actual video that is released. This song is waaaaay underwhelming so far. I'm not sure if it's the song or if Scotty is just not bringing it. It didn't have that Idol crescendo. It was just ok for me.

Randy - In it to win it . . . blah blah blah
JLo - Thinks he did an amazing job
Steven - Thinks he nailed it again

2. Lauren - the single is "Like My Mother Does" . . . again, Kristy Lee Cook originally sang this song. If Lauren hits this out of the park, she could win the night. So far so good . . .is her mother getting blessed? Her scratchy voice just got a hold of her . . .oh good Lord, she sounds good, but I'm not sure about her going and hugging her mother. A little bit of an ugh factor. However, her singing was quite good. Not the Idol moment I was looking for, but a very, very good performance indeed.

Randy - thinks she finally arrived
JLo - thinks Lauren may have just won the competition
Steven - also thinks that Lauren is the American Idol

Round Three for me goes to Lauren Alaina

My Rankings:

Lauren #3
Scotty #1
Scotty #3
Lauren #2
Scotty #2
Lauren #1

I think that Lauren had both the best and the worst performance of the night. However, if I'm being honest, I think Lauren wins the night by a hair. Man, I never would have thought I'd have said that. I think Lauren had the better song choices and performed them better. That being said . . .

For the night, my pick: Lauren Alaina
America's pick: Scotty the Body

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