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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't Stop Believing

The final four show is always one of the best because with it...comes the hometown prize. Can you imagine being the one sent home tonight...when you were 1 show away from being a hometown hero?

With that will absolutely be one of the two women going home.

The overall winner of the night: James

Round 1 - James, Scotty, Lauren and Hailey.

James....Don't stop believing - was great. Smart song choice and fit him to a t.

Scotty ....very smart song that completely played to his base, perfect timing with what's been going on in the world...he gets mega votes for this one.

Lauren - Dress was absolutely hideous....and he performance was blaise (I'm not sure if that's how it is spelled).

Hailey - Let me down. She's been growing on me, but all she did was scream the song.

Round 2 - James, Hailey, Scotty, Lauren

Lady Gaga was a great mentor. I loved her interactions with each of the contestants, especially Scotty...and I thought her suggestions were 100% correct.

James - again fantastic

Hailey - Good...but undeserving of the praise that was lavished upon her. (If you want to REALLY see how the song should be sung Google "I who have nothing - Shirley Bassey). This is what Gaga was trying to get Hailey to do..and she didn't do it very well at all.

Scotty - Cute...and again, plays to his base, but I thought it was kinda corny

Lauren - Dress again was hideous, but she looked gorgeous in the hair/face category...but performance was once again weak.

So who goes home: Easy call that it will either be Hailey or Lauren. My instinct tells me that it will be Lauren going home because of two things....sympathy for Hailey on the first song (I think AI played it up that the judges were hard on her and she will garner sympathy votes for that)...and second, become of the amount of praise they gave her for the second song.

However....I have to believe that the Southern vote is going to come through for my guess is that Hailey doesn't get the hometown welcome.

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