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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Top 3: What Is And What Should Be . . . The Theme of the Idol Season

Here we go with the Top 3 . . . they are giving us a little taste of the hometown visits. Who in the name of Pia Toscano would have thought that this would be our Top 3. I still don't know what to think. And why is there a guy in a puppy suit in the audience?

How in hell are they going to stretch 3 contestants over 2 hours. Are they going to sing 3 songs each? Guess we'll see. Here they are: Haley, Scotty, and Lauren. What in gay hell is Lauren wearing? Ok, they are doing contestant's choice, Jimmy Ivine's choice, and judge's choice. I'm sorry this effort to make Beyonce look grounded is almost as successful as me not bein fooled by the rocks that J-Lo got . . .

1. Scotty - he's singing his favorite song by Lonestar . . . I'm a little surprised they put Scotty first . . . Shocked it's not Haley. He is singing, "Amazed". Bey Bey loves his charm. I'm already liking this song during practice . . . I think his high range is better than the lower range. Damn that twang . . . I'm a little bored by this song. His voice sounds good so far, but I'm a bit bored. His upper register is much more appealing for me, but I will say he's not quite as solid vocally as he usually is. Overall good job.

Steven - Thinks he keeps getting better and better
JLo - Thinks he's grown so much as a performer
Randy - Drop the names Randy . . . thinks he was a little pitchy, but knows where his lane is.

2. Lauren - she is singing her favorite song from Faith Hill . . . She is singing, "Wild One". This sounds like it could be brilliant or . . . er, um . . . yikesy. Beyonce thinks she needs to watch her nerves. Does Lauren have trust in herself? Ok, this is not good. She's working the stage well, but her voice is all over the place. Almost like she's out of breath . . . and she's pulled back her voice again . . . not going for it. Again, on the positive side, she has better stage presence.

JLo - Thinks she attacked it
Randy - Thinks it was a nice song choice and had fun
Steven - Thinks she owned the song

JLo and Randy were SO easy on her . . . wonder what they would have said if that had been Haley . . .

3. Haley - She is singing her favorite Led Zeppelin's "What is and what should be". Bey Bey thinks she has strength and conviction. I think the judges are gonna get her for not singing something current. Bey Bey thinks she is original. Here we go. I never thought I would hear myself say this . . . but I think Haley has the best voice of the remaining contestants. I think she chose the perfect song for her voice. She is rockin this little ditty out. Go girl. But let's see what the judges say . . .

Randy - Thinks THIS is what it's all about
Steven - Thinks it was superb
JLo - Thinks she is a professional and knows what's going on up there.

It's funny, I didn't even notice that she fell until the judges brought it up.

Round 1: Haley, Scotty, Lauren
Judges: Randy

1. Scotty - Jimmy Ivine has chosen "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" by Thompson Square . . . I don't think I'm familiar with this song. Scotty's got his geeetar. MUCH better song choice for Scotty. This song has got some country umph to it. He also seems so much more comfortable when he can stand still with the guitar - eliminates the cheese factor. Weird middle note in there. Great Great Job!

Steven - Thinks he never heard him deliver a chorus like that before
JLo - Thinks he was in the zone
Randy - Thinks he is in it to win it - via La Seacrest

2. Lauren - Her pantyhose ripped during the break . . . cute moment :) Somewhere Pia Toscano is biting the head off a puppy . . . Jimmy Ivine has picked "If I Die Young" by Perry . . . Again, I'm not terribly familiar with this song. Again, this is a MUCH better song for her. Jimmy is 2 for 2. She is even projecting a little better in this song. She still seems a little awkward with something that I just can't put my finger on . . . but a much better performance.

JLo - Thinks that Lauren has the most beautiful tone of the finalists
Randy - Thinks that she got "right back up" after her "fall"
Steven - Thinks she got caught up in the moment, but thinks she nailed it

Man, they are pimpin Ms. Lauren . . .

3. Haley - Jimmy Ivine has picked "Rhiannon" by Stevie Nicks. This could be another moment for Haley or it could go a little off . . . she's not used to singing something so recognizable. First part was nailed . . . the wind machine is a bit much . . .the middle part is leaving a bit to be desired . . . I'm not really sure. Her vocals are spot on, but I'm not sure about the song choice. This is song that is tough to keep the energy up, and I'm not sure it suits the Idol stage . . . hmmmmmmm. Very, very good ending.

Randy - Thinks she did a good job and had perfect pitch
Steven - Thinks it reminds him why he fell in love with Stevie Nicks to begin with
JLo - Thinks it was a beautiful moment, but didn't take it quite far enough at the end.

Round 2 - Scotty, Haley, Lauren
Judges: Randy & JLo say Scotty and Steven picked Lauren

How are they going to get through these 3 songs so fast . . .
1. Scotty - The judges have picked "She Believes in Me" by Kenny Rogers. All of the judges picked for each contestant . . . interesting. Do they remember that Scotty is 16 years old? Oh goodness, this may be Scotty's weakest performance. He's a little off key, and the song, strangely, does not seem to fit his voice. I don't think he was meant for sweeping ballads . . . even if they are country. A little bit of a yikes moment for Scotty.

Steven - Thinks he put it over the top
JLo - Thinks that he hit the big chorus
Randy - Thinks he was sweet and tender in the front and hit the chorus
His father is a little bit adorable. :)

2. Lauren - The judges have picked, "I Hope You Dance" by LeeAnn Womack . . . This could be a really good choice if she puts her ALL into it. Her pitch is good, but she's still a little weak. I feel like they've dressed her for a 1965 "Under the Sea" themed prom. She had a nice growly moment in the middle. . . and some very nice runs towards the end. Overall, a good performance, but still not finale worthy . . . In my opinion.

JLo - Thinks that she gave her gooseys from head to toe
Randy - Thinks she slayed it
Steven - Thinks she walked out here like she owned the Grande Ole Opry

3. Haley - The judges have picked, "You Oughta Know" by Alanis . . . OH MY GOD . . . this could be sooooo good . . . or . . . Now wait, did they pick this to sabatoge her because of the lyrics? Huh? The first verse was a bit weak, but man did she pick it up during the verse . . . Amazing ending . . . my commentary to follow the judges words.

Randy - Thinks those were some amazing choruses
Steven - Thinks it was amazing
JLo - Thinks there's no one who can match her in the choruses but then busted her on the middle part.

I think it is VERY suspect that the judges chose the sweet inspirational song for Lauren and the angry slutty song for Haley . . . Just my opinion . . .

Round Three: Lauren/Haley (tie) and Scotty
Judges: Steven - Haley; JLo - Lauren; Randy - Lauren

So, in typical fashion . . . Randy/JLo - picked each of them to win a round & Steven gave two rounds to Haley and one to Lauren

My rankings:

1.Haley #1
2.Scotty #2
3.Lauren #3 (tie)
3.Haley #3
5.Haley #2
6.Lauren #2
7.Scotty #1
8.Scotty #3
9.Lauren #1

If I add up the points of their standings, here is my order . . .

Haley (9), Scotty (17), Lauren (18) . . . my eliminated contestant would be Lauren
I think America will eliminate . . . ugh . . .I'm going with my heart and say Lauren.
I think I might relinquish the Lil Taster lead after tomorrow. :)

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