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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who's "In it to win it"?

The Top 3 - Round 1

Scotty - Lonestar. Scotty at his best. I still don't understand the fascination that many have with Scotty (especially after going to youtube and seeing how much better the original guy sings the "Lock the doors and turn the lights down low" song)...but this is definitely going to rock his base...and the strongest of the competition has been eliminated. (7)

Lauren - Faith Hill (Wild one). She sounds horrible on the song during the Beyonce' rehersal...I'm afraid of how this might turn out. Yep....another Lauren performance that didn't quite meet expectations... she sounded like her breathing was off the entire song.(6)

Hailey - Singing Led Zepplin. Not sure that I believe this is a good choice. Starts out in the old Hailey cheesy fashion... She looks beautiful. I actually thought the performance was really good once it got going, but I'm not sure that this is going to woo the AI voting base. (9).

Round 1 - Goes to Hailey...but America will give it to Scotty.
(I disagree, however, with letting her Dad perform with her...I think that was an unfair advantage that shouldn't have been allowed).

Round 2

Scotty - Very good song for him - "Are you going to kiss me or what". Another solid Scotty performance (8)

Lauren- "If I die young" - Much Much better...almost reached the expectation level...almost (8).

Hailey - Stevie nicks was a great song choice for her...but she did nothing with it. Weak Weak Weak....(6).

Round 2 - Close one b/w Scotty and Lauren....but the edge to Scotty.
Rubbertoe score after 2 rounds...Scotty and Hailey 15, Lauren 14.

Round 3:

Scotty - She believes in me. Scotty's high range is not there...this was the weakest of Scotty's songs tonight....only a 6. Scotty final score - 21

Lauren - "I hope you dance" - Great great song choice for Lauren. Hot fiddle guy is there too...I'm liking this one. I'm hoping that Lauren brings it in the climax of the song. This is the perfect tailor fit for Lauren and the first time she has lived up to expectations in a long time...a solid 8. Laurens final score 22.

Hailey - Sybil performance. Verses were absolutely horrendous. Chorus was really good. 3 for the verse 8 for the chorus...averages out to a 5. Hailey's final score 20.

Round 3 - Hailey by a long shot.

So who goes to the finale....It so hard to say because America gets it wrong almost every time... By Rubbertoe's is Lauren and Scotty in a very close 3-way race...

And I'm guessing that America will vote the same.

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DrL/K said...

Hey, we got tickets to the finale! If you want to go, send an email to
and let us know, so we can get an extra ticket for you.
p.s. We're going to the Tuesday show because Dr. L has something Wednesday.
-- K