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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

J retains the Lil' tasters crown

Congrats to J.....retaining the little tasters' crown.

A couple additional thoughts:

-What started out as a promising season....fizzled out about mid-way through. Neither Scotty nor Lauren were all that great. Lauren was a major disappointment, although she did show some good potential in the finale. But watching her sing with Carrie could see that Lauren was a weak comparison.

- James should have won

- Seeing Pia on the finale made me think that America got it right....she is really bland and boring.

- The latina girl got voted off too early....her voice really shined in the group numbers....its too bad that we didn't see more of her.

- Casey is a freak....his performance with Jack Black was by far the worst of the night

- Lady Gaga is a stunning performer

- Paul should definitely not have made the top 12

- Stefano really is hot

- I completely forgot who Ashton was

....Finally the best thing to come out of Idol Season 10............

HFG.......HOT fiddle guy!

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