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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lauren v. Scotty: The hoedown/showdown the show starts out with some serious pimping of Lauren....drama drama drama...and perhaps some sympathy regarding her voice to give her a little push?

Scotty won the coin toss (as least that's what I thought I heard...and but then I thought they said he chose to "defer"....but then he sang first...I'm confused)

Scotty - fiddle guy is back. Scotty gives a so so performance. I don't get the impression from his performance that he wants it. It wasn't his best performance but solid (7)

Lauren - Flat on the fiddle guy two in a row....Lauren is ON tonight. She sang this much better than she sang it earlier in the season....and she looks incredibly gorgeous (9).

No Judges comments?....hmmmm.strange.

Round 1 - Lauren by a wide margin. She clearly had the energy and the better performance....Scotty came flat out of the gate, but I suspect that he will bounce back.

Scotty - Check yes or no - Hot fiddle guy....3 for 3. Scotty has a much better presence when he has his guitar. This is a great George Strait song...and maybe I'm being a bit harsh because Strait's Version is much better...for me...this was just another so so Scotty performance and seemed to lack the passion of someone who really wants the title. I am getting a strange feeling that Scotty is throwing this because he thinks it will be better not to have the idol label...hmmmmm (7)

Lauren - Maybe it was Memphis ...great Pam Tillis song- HFG....4 for 4. Doen't love her dress. Great song choice for her...but the low range of the song is not doing her any favors....but when it kicks into the chorus...she is in her comfort range. Lauren is just singing with more passion and energy than Scotty...this one wasn't great (7)....

Round 2 - Closer..but I'm giving the edge to Lauren.

Scotty - "I love you this big" - Scotty is doing a good job with an on otherwise weak the tradition of "This is my now"....another poorly written idol finale song....but it plays to his base and probably will win him a number of votes (8)

Lauren - Like my mother does - First song tongiht with HFG.....good....not great. (7)....Emotional moment that probably will help with some votes.

Round 3 0 goes to Soctty by a sliver.

Final Rubbertoe Scotty score - 22
Final Rubbertoe Lauren score - 23

Rubbertoe gives the title to Lauren by a close decision.....however.....I think America will give it to Scotty. My rationale is that they wrote a song especially for Scotty and talked about releasing it "if he wins" guess is despite Idol really wanting it to be a girl at the start of the season.....the realized early on in the voting that Scotty was going to win.

The Next American idol....will be Scotty.

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