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Monday, May 23, 2011

In It To Win It, A Response Part Two: The Revenge, in 3D

Okay, first off thanks RT and J for such great posts leading up to the finale! I often enjoy reading the blog more than the show itself, LOL. Especially leading up to THIS particular finale.


Dr. L is perhaps not as into the conspiracy theories about Idol as I am, but I think we all agree that some bus-throwin' and song-choosin' has been going on to not-so-subtly nudge certain contestants here and there towards a cliff. It is a little too coincidental that, like RT said, the show touted the "youngest contestants ever" and "a girl's going to win" so early, and lo and behold, it worked out so nice for them. Especially since it looked like a girl didn't stand a snowball's chance in hell the first few weeks.

But we do have some Big News: Dr. L and I will be GOING TO THE FINALE!!! Yay! Should be fun even if we don't give a rat's ass about either of the two Idols competing. RT, if you want to meet us there, let me know.

As to J's post about the Kristy Lee Cook song, it is true, it COULD be a Dope blazin' molten hot in it 2 win it (fill in the blank with more Randyisms) song for her -- just like a perfect pitch thrown down the middle and across the plate. But for a ballplayer to knock one out of the park, they have to swing hard!!!! Otherwise, that opportunity could just be a whiffle ball, whistling by.

As for Scotty, I read some interesting criticism last week from some Country music critics who are not as enthusiastic about Scotty having career legs. Many felt he was going to be a "one and done" kind of artist. One said, "we already HAVE a Josh Turner (babylockthemdoors), we don't need another." But, can't you say that about a lot of music? It sure seems like someone likes him. I haven't checked iTunes to see who was selling, have any of you guys?

I almost feel like this season doesn't have all that much to do with who "brings it" on any given night. So many contestants brought it 110% and then got their ass handed to them, it must be more about personalities. 95 Freakin' million votes? how is that even possible? When I think about, on our best night, Dr. L & I maybe texted or called a couple hundred votes, it seems ridiculous to think we can influence anything. Maybe a group like VFTW can.
Scotty is their pick, which at first might sound counter-intuitive, since I agree with J that Scotty probably pulled in 90 of those 95 million last week. But at this point, I would give anything for Lauren not to win. Part of it is because of her loafing through the performances, part because she's a teenage version of the Toddlers and Tiaras girls, part is her mom seems like a beyotch (and won't her mom LOVE that KLC song? Jeez).

But it's mainly because Idol has been telling us how great she is week after week in defiance of reality, and they are on a streak of "white boy with guitar" winners they'd like to break. Whatever the outcome, I'll be ready for a new batch next year!

Dr. L and I will have to get to the Nokia EARLY tomorrow, and then have to drive home from the show, but we will give our ReCrap of the show after that.

-- K


Rubbertoe said...

OMG!!!! I would have totally LOVED to have met you guys at the finale. Wouldn't it be funny that our first meeting was at the actual show?

Except....I am totally booked up on Tuesday and can't make it.

I'm assuming you are going tues and not Wed?

Wed...I couldn't make the show...but am going to be downtown on my way to a meeting in Compton at 5:30....and since the show tapes early....could meet you for a drink before the show....but I'm pretty sure you mean the Tuesday show.

I totally enjoyed reading your blog...and would LOVE to meet for a drink or something.....

if not for Idol.....maybe for the VOICE? Or X-Factor!

Rubbertoe said...

Ok....I just left a message. but this site is messing up....gonna leave it again.

I would LOVE LOVE LVOE to meet you...but I'm totally book up on tuesday and can't....I'm assuming you mean tues.

If by chance you mean Wed...I can't make it for the show, but could meet you for a drink beforehand...but I'm pretty sure you mean Tues....

I expect a FULL wrap-up.

Would love to meet you guys sometime...if not for AI....for the VOICE or X-Factor.!!!!!!

J said...

I can't wait to hear about the finale! That is so awesome! I wish it were a better duo for you to hear, but it's still and Idol finale. Can't wait to read your report! :)