<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Top 5: The Present and the Past . . . Could Haley Really Have the Best Performance? Answer is a Resounding Hellz Yeah!

THIS is AMERican Idol!

The judges didn't walk in tonight. . . interesting. . . and JLo has a flower in her hair . . . Why do I think that it would look better on Steven?

Here are our Top Five! Certainly not the Top 5 I would have originally envisioned.

Who is in it to win it? - Randy Jackson

Hell, I missed the theme . . . but I think they are singing twice. It appears that Sheryl Crow is the mentor . . .

1. James - "Closer to the Edge" by Thirty Seconds to Mars . . . LOVE IT! I have a bit of a crush on Jared Leto . . .just a little bit. Anyone remember He looks amazing! Amazing harmonies from my James. A large high note that kind of went south . . . but overall, a very solid performance . . . it's what we expect from James. Good Job.

Steven - Good Job
JLo - couldn't hear what she said
Randy - I think he loved it

2. Jacob - Lawd in the mornin, I need this boy to go home . . .let's see what he does tonight . . . he is singing, "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown . . . please sing from your gut and not from your nose . . . PLEASE! Nevermind . . . not gonna happen . . . dreadful beginning . . . he's still pitchy . . . although no one in the building seems to get that . . . honestly, I'm not sure if he has actually hit a note on key yet . . . NOT GOOD PLEASE RECOGNIZE!

JLo - That flower looks like a growth . . . she thinks it is important for him to pick better songs . . . NOT RECOGNIZING
Randy - Thinks he picked the wrong song and is KIND OF RECOGNIZING
Steven - He's waiting for him to find a niche . . . sort of RECOGNIZING

3. Lauren - She is singing "Flat on the Floor" by Carrie Underwood. She needs to BRING IT! I want to love this girl, but she hasn't brought it to me yet. She might be bringing it . . . let's see. She looks better tonight. She is struggling a bit with the high notes, but this is better performance. I believe her a bit more with this performance than I have throughout the competition.

Randy - Thinks this is the direction for her
Steven - Thinks it's simply as good as it gets
JLo - Thinks she "ate that up"

4. Scotty - Damn it! Didn't hear what he is singing, but sounds like something entitled "Gone" . . . Here comes typical Scotty . . . Clearly, it is called "Gone" . . . It's got a little more fire than Scotty usually brings. As per usual, he is def on pitch. Still looks like Howdy Doody . . . He is performing better tonight. A little cheesy, but good job.

Steven - Saw him dance with the devil tonight
JLo - Thought he owned the stage tonight
Randy - Felt like he rocked the stage

5. Hailey - She's doing an unreleased GaGa song . . .is that smart? Guess we'll see. She got to speak to GaGa . . .pretty cool. Am I the only one who is surprised that this girl is still around and has gotten better each week? Her voice isn't the best of the bunch, but she definitely knows how to perform. I do love her growls, and she is working this song. It is not the best vocal of the night, but def the most dynamic performance.

JLo - She's not sure that Jimmy gave her the best advice.
Randy - Not sure it was that great of a song
Steven - had a call and I couldn't hear him

6. James - "Can't Live Without You" - I'm on the phone, but this sounds amazing. He can't match Kelly Clarkson from season one, but this is amazing. He is crying at the end.

7. Jacob - "Love Hurts" . . . Typical Jacob . . . screaming, not as good as the first . . . This baby boy needs to go! STOP SCREAMING!

The phone call stopped me from hearing the reactions.

8. Lauren - "Unchained Melody" . . . This could be an Idol moment or an Idol disaster . . . Girl looks beautiful . . . A bit of a hitch in the beginning of the song . . . She seems to still have issues with her lower register, but her upper register is amazing. I think the problem that I'm having is that when she could take major chances with the song, she shies away. . . but her voice sounded good.

JLo - Thought she sang it beautifully
Randy - Thinks she sang like a bird
Steven - Thinks she is ripe

9. Scotty - "Always on My Mind" . . . sounds like the same ole, same ole, but I hope it's different. He's giving an understated performance . . . which I think is needed for this song . . . he is keeping himself under control. Very lovely performance.

JLo - Thinks he is a well rounded artist
Randy - Thinks if it ain't broke don't fix it
Steven - Thinks it was a beautiful rendition of the song.

10. Hailey - "The House of the Rising of the Sun" . . . Sheryl seems to dig it . . . I love the acapella beginning . . . really showcases her voice. I'm REALLY loving this song. This song is convincing me to vote for Hailey tonight. Wow . . . just Wow! In-freakin-credible.

Randy - Best performance of the night
Steven - Sweet and sour and raspy
JLo - Thinks that song has never been sung like that before.

The rankings:

Haley #2 (by a hair)
James #2
(Huge Space)
Scotty #1
Lauren #2
Lauren #1 (by a hair)
Haley #1 (by a hair)
James #1
Jacob #1
Jacob #2

My Bottom 2: Jacob and no one . . . but I have to choose . . . Lauren
America's Bottom 2: Jacob and ugh, I don't want to choose . . . I say, surprise, James
Going Home: JACOB . . . JACOB . . . JACOB . . . MOTHA FUCKAS IT BETTER BE JACOB . . . I feel like I am embodying RT and his hatred for Paul . . . JACOB

Check y'all tomorrow.


Rubbertoe said...

Hey seeing your anti-Jacob passion!!!!!

Rubbertoe said...

Hey seeing your anti-Jacob passion!!!!!

DrL/K said...

We laughed so much at the last paragraph! I so hope VFTW does not have the power to keep this guy in.