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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Top Four: Who's the Meaning in Your Life? Who's the Inspiration?

Who will be "Comin Home" . . . We'll decide tonight on AMERican Idol!

La Seacrest is sporting Clark Kent hair . . .

I think the Idol stylist needs Jesus . . .

1. James - he's singing "Don't Stop Believing". This song seems like it fits right in his range, but could tend towards the cheesetastic. James, as per usual, sounds great. He is, as usual, better in his upper register. He's still a little bit Lambert-Lite (LL); however, I think he is enough LL that America could make him the next American Idol (read: He is straight and therefore more palatable.) Very Good performance.

Steven - allows Randy to name drop, and curses, and then tells James he did a good job.
JLo - loves the vibrato in his upper register
Randy - pick that name up you just dropped, Randy . . . he thinks he embodied Steve Perry

Can I just say, "THANK GOD JACOB IS GONE!" Ok, I'm done. :)

2. Haley - She is singing what I think is called "The Earth Song" by Michael Jackson. Shaky start with the quiet notes . . . Still kind of struggling . . . I'm not sure this was a smart song choice from Haley. It's kind of boring . . . and then she unleashes the growl and the Idol choir. The ending was far superior to the beginning, but that was a little rough for me, dawg.

JLo - felt she picked a song that inspired her, but thinks it wasn't quite the right song.
Randy - he's keepin it real . . .and that is never good. Haley fought back a little . . . good for her.
Steven - thinks they are both wrong and is telling Randy to shut up . . .

That critique reminded me of a few seasons back when Randy and Paula went after Katharine McPhee and then Simon schooled them.

3. Scotty the Body - Stop calling him that, Ryan. I didn't hear what he is singing . . . It is of course, some twangy, whiney, country ditty. He's just a singer of single songs or something to that affect. He is pulling a Scotty. Perfect pitch, doing his country thang to perfection, but I need it to stop, NOW . . .NOW, I SAY! Oh Lord, he knows Jesus . . .unlike the Idol stylist. Good Job.

Randy - thinks it's a great song, and he thought it was the perfect song choice
Steven - dittos what Randy said
JLo - is in love with him

4. Lauren - Can a song both be contemporary and a classic? All I can say is that Lauren looks like an 18th century harlot . . . Oh Lord, RT is having an attack right now (Paul sighting). She is singing something by Martina McBride. Oh Lord, it's "Anyway" . . . not to give RT another attack but I'm not sure she can match Kristy Lee Cook's performance. I will already say she is not . . . KLC belted this song from her gut . . .and Lauren is pulling that typical falsetto singing. I WANT to LOVE her, but she's just not doing it. Where is her choir? She's hitting the notes better at the end . . . a solid performance, but still under her potential.

Steven - loves the buckles on her shoes
JLo - thinks she is listening to their advice
Randy - thinks she is in it to win it

Round 1 to James by a mile.
JLo - Goes with no one
Randy - thinks it's a tie between Scotty, James, and Lauren
Steven - doesn't get a chance to talk

5. Haley - I hope she blows this song away. She has gone from someone I didn't like to someone I am really rooting for . . . Gaga is giving advice . . . Oh Lawd, help me. She has drawn on the biggest Cindy Crawford mole on her cheek. Haley is singing, "I Who Have Nothing" . . . GaGa loves her, but wants her to bring the drama. Here she goes . . . if Haley moves to much, her naughty bits will show . . . nice start . . . Haley is doing what I wish Lauren would do . . . just let go. She is def bringing the drama! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT!

JLo - won't take it easy on her, because THAT was one of the best performances of the year
Randy - thinks she came back and had an Idol moment
Steven - Classic moment with classic Haley

6. Scotty - He is singing "Young blood" . . . Gaga wants his to get right in the center of "that hotdog". Gaga wants him to "make love to the microphone" . . . cracking me up. Gaga wants to corrupt that boy. Oh Lord, this song is CHEESE! I'm trying to be impartial, but seriously, yo. I know America will like this performance, but the only descriptive I'm coming up with is LAME!

Randy - loves that he did a fun song . . . he is pimping Scotty
Steven - thinks he made Gaga's yaya go lala . .
JLo - thinks he hit his stride . . .

7. Lauren - Here comes the endless pimping of Lauren . . . who is now dressed like a 40 year old Vegas showgirl. Again, idol's stylist needs Jesus. She's singing "Trouble" by Elvis Presley. Lauren doesn't want to be called "evil". FINALLY! It looks like she is gonna bring it! FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! She's singing! And . . . then we've moved into this hideous arrangement in the second part of the song . . . where she sounds less than evil. The first half was AMAZING! The second half kind of blew.

Steven - doesn't know if he believes it, but he liked it
JLo - saw a different side of her
Randy - saw a fun side of her . . .

She's reminding me a bit of Carrie-Lite (CL).

8. James - He's singing "Love Potion #9" . . . I kind of love this song choice. I'm loving GaGa with James. She worked his hips. :) I'm hopeful for this performance. This is classic James. He's not really moving his hips per GaGa, but his voice is selling it. A little drama at the end never hurt anyone . . . very, very, nice job, James! :)

JLo - thinks he can sing anything
Randy - thinks he is now peaking at the right time
Steven - My, my, my, my, my . . . it's a beautiful thing.

Ok, so I think that Haley and James clearly had the two best performances of the night. I think Lauren and Scotty were just so-so . . . However, even so-so was good . . . here are my rankings by round and overall

Round 1:

Round 2
Haley #2 (Haley's vocal were slightly better than James' performance)
James #2
(Huge Space)
Lauren #2
Scotty #2

Haley #2
James #1
James #2
Scotty #1
Lauren #2
Lauren #1 (by a hair)
Haley #1
Scotty #2

My Bottom 2: Lauren and Scotty
America's Bottom 2: Lauren and Haley
Going Home: Undeservingly I think . . . Haley


Rubbertoe said...

LOL a matter of fact...I was having a heartattack with all the Paul sightings....ay....can't that guy just go away? He will definitely keep me from going to the summer tour...I would have to leave during his performances....
and really......really.....did you have to bring up KLC in the same blog? But...I'm going to admit something to sister downloaded KLC's CD onto my computer and when I put my ipod in, it downloaded a bunch of her songs....generally everytime one comes on, I'm like....ew....I hate this song and its almost always KLC...but the other day this song was on and I was like....this is a great song...I looked.....oopssss..KLC.....

J said...

That makes me laugh . . . I'm seeing a future KLC convert. :)

I knew when they showed Paul that you were just going to pitch a bitch . . . It made me giggle. :)