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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Then there were five

First up James - James is definitely in it to win it!!! Performance was awesome...vocals were a little pitchy and I think too much interaction with the audience makes it a little cheesey...but over song#1 - 8

Jacob - Doing Chris Brown/Jordin Sparks duet??? I don't like the sound of this.
Wow....that was absolutely hor-ri-ble. I don't know what Jacob was thinking....he tried to Diva Jordin and it soooo did not work on any level - 3

Lauren - Hmmmmm I don't know. Usually doing an ex-Idol song is death for the Idol wannabes. Lauren looks great and sounds ok....even fiddle guy is back....that guys is way super HOT!!!...but this is really Carrie Underwood-lite. I don't think the song choice did her any favors. It was just ok -6

Scotty - He's trying to show a little personality....and he achieves that...but the vocals were worse than normal. Scotty did what he needed to do to appeal to his base and scores points for showing a little energy in the performance. -7

Hailey - Wow....the cheesy girl that I put out of the competition weeks ago is improving every week. She did a Lady Gaga song that I am not familiar with and it was great. I completely disagree with the judges....completely. -7

Round 1 - Goes to James....followed by Hailey, Scotty, Lauren and Jacob.

Round 2 -

James - James is working the sympathy factor with the kid and better life card.....
The lower range is definitely James' weakness. Wow...the tears in his eyes are definitely going to win him some votes....7 (15 total)

Jacob- doing Nazareth? Oh boy.....this is going to be strange. Don't know who sabotaged Jacobs songs tonight....but wow....this is Jacob at his much better than his first song - 7 (10 total).

Lauren - singing Simon Cole's favorite "Unchained Melody"....this could be great. Wow...she looks absolutely STUNNING. The lower range is definitely her weakness as well. Good....but she is capable of much much better...still waiting for her to really bring it. - 7 (13 total)

Scotty - This is classic Scotty...and the vocal is clearly better than the first song - 7 (14 total)

Hailey - Wow...this song is made for her. I love love love that she has dropped the cheesyness and she is really making a strong run for the finish - 9 (16 total)

Rubbertoe rankings:

1. Hailey #2
2. James #1
3. James #2
4. Hailey #1
5. Scotty #2
6. Lauren #2
7. Scotty #1
8. Jacob #2
9. Lauren #1
10. Jacob #1

By the night:

1. Hailey
2. James
3. Scotty
4. Lauren
5. Jacob

A very close one tonight between James and surprisingly Hailey.
Rubbertoes bottom 3 - Scotty, Jacob and Lauren - Going home Jacob
America's bottom 3 - I'm convinced America will get it right...Scotty, Lauren and Jacob....Jacob goes home.

Say goodbye to a Diva.

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