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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Idols do their idols

The Top 13:

Songs by their personal idol -

1. First up - Lauren (Shania Twain) - Came out sounding a little flat. This performance is not up to Lauren's level. Intensity level was way done. Not a great start.

2. Casey (Joe Cocker) - I Can't stand this guy...but he sang it well...probably one of his better performances...and his fans will appreciate this.

3. Ashton (Diana Ross) - Makes me wonder if she is singing Dianna because she really is one of her idols or because thats what the judges told her they wanted to hear from her. I would predict the latter. She's beautiful...but her voice is no Diana Ross. Her voice is too small to do someone like Diana Ross. (As I said before can't tell you that we love you...because we don't).

4. Paul (Ryan Adams - WHO?) - If Casey is a Freak...this guy is a SUPER Freak. I still say that he sounds like Kermit the Frog. He's singing a song that no one knows...and he sounds horrible doing it. There's no way this guy is going to last for very long.

Now a little Idol pimping....Why does Pia get a personal interview?..Answer...AI pimpage.

5. Pia (Celine Dion) - She's not great in the lower range, but she can belt it out in the higher register. Although...I don't think she hit the high notes that well...she kinda screamed them. I Liked it...I didn't LOVE it. JLo thinks she topped last week....not even close.

6. James Durbin (Paul McCartney) - James is hot tonight. I like that he is showing that he can do more than the total cream. Nicely done.

7. Haley (Leeann Rimes) - She sang well...but the performance came off very Kareoke. Shes a mediocre singer. She'll stick around for a few more weeks ala Kristy Lee Cook...but she won't go far.

8. Jacob (Art Kelly) - He sounds totally sharp to me....another over the top performance. Even more over the top that usual. He's good, but it would have been better a little more subdued.

9. This (Michael Jackson) - She doesn't even know who Charlie Chaplin is. She is much better than last week...but when it goes sounded really bad...problem with Thia is that she is just plain boring.

10. Stefano (Stevie Wonder) - He shows moments of brillance...and he's got a performance ability that many others lack. But his tone was off he was trying too hard. I'm glad he's on the show though...and he'll stick around for a while

11. Karen Rodriguez (Selena) - Started off really weak. No lower register. I want to like her...but she keeps disappointing. She's going to be gone very soon.

12. Scotty (Garth Brooks) - wow...Scotty cannot do Garth. The song was too big for him and it lacked any real heart. It was like he was just going through the motions.

13. Naima (Rhianna) -

Best of the Night - James Durbin, Pia, Casey, Naima

Middle of the Road - Lauren, Haley, Jacob, Thia, Stefano, Scotty

Worst of the Night - Ashton, Paul

Rubbertoe's bottom 3: Ashton, Paul, Haley

America's bottom 3: Ashton, Paul, Karen

Going Home: Ashton

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