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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Picking in the dark

So I had to go to a work event last night and haven't seen the show yet.....I have it on DVR but probably won't get a chance to watch before the results show in time to post I'm shooting in the dark based on what I believe America's voting pattern to be.

America's bottom 3: Paul (because I have to believe that America cannot embrace this freak.....he hasn't been in the bottom 3 yet, but I have to believe that he's been hovering very close)
Haley - because I think she's been in the bottom 3 every week...but I think she'll live to see another day
Naima - because I think America just does not get her......

Going Home: Naima....not because she deserves to go home...but because she doesn't fit the AI mold.....

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DrL/K said...

No worries Rubbertoe - we understand (overstand)! We definitely want to read your recap when you get the time to watch and review.