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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scotty - Is he a one trick pony? Well...Scotty did what Scotty does. It was a lackluster performance, but he played to his base. He played the "Grandma" card and it will pay off for him again. Rubbertoe 1-10 (5)...AI 1-10 (7)

Naima - Looked great in the gold dress. "I'm still standing" of my favorite EJ songs...but not sure how the Reggae is going to work...I liked it more than I thought I would...but I didn't love her fake Jamaican accent. I'm afraid this could very well be the end for Naima. RT (6) AI (3)

Paul - Vocals are horrible...he needs to enunciate. Paul demonstrated clearly why he is the pick of "Vote for the Worst" RT (2) AI (3). This could be the end of Paul,

Pia - Wow...the Scarlet dress is beautiful on her. Don't let the sun go down....Clay did this song incredbily in season 2. After hearing Pia...I have to say that Clay OWNS this was ok, but nothing special. RT (6) AI (8)

Stefano - Tiny Dancer. My favorite EJ song...Stefano did well in the chorus...not so much on the verse. However, I think he did well enough to survive.
RT (7) AI (6)

Lauren - I'm still waiting for Lauren to live up to the Lauren of the early weeks.
and I'm still waiting. It was good...I liked the country vibe she gave Candle in the wind...but she needs to kick it up a few more notches. RT (8) AI (8)

James -Awesome. Showed exactly how it should be done. RT (10) AI (10)

Thia - Daniel...good song choice. I thought this was one of Thia's better performances. I'm not a fan...and I don't think she has any "it" factor...but better than many tonight. RT (6) AI (5)

Casey - A Million times better tonight. Tonight was actually the first time that I actually liked him. RT(9) AI (9).

Jacob - Good Job....I can't stand the faces that he pulls...but he did a good job tonight of not completely overdoing it. RT (7) AI (7)

Haley - Benny and the Jets...oooo...this could be a disaster. Wow...completely cornball.

Rubbertoe's bottom 3 - Paul, Naima, Haley

America's bottom 3 - Paul, Naima, Haley

Wow....America gets it right...and no judges save to screw it up this week.
Haley lives yet again...

Going Home...Paul and Naima

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