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Friday, March 4, 2011

Time to Rank and Predict the Top 13

OK Guys....Time to make our predictions

(BTW...what happened to J...he dropped off the face of the earth right before the finale last year..come back J, I miss your input. As well as TTown...and whatever happened to my friend Alison?)

13 Naima - I don't think America is going to embrace her. She was one of the better singers in the last round, however, she doesn't have the youthfulness that AI demands. She comes across too mature to be around for very long. She might go a little farther, but probably not much.

12 Ashton - She lived to see another day, however, he doesn't seem to have the ability to kick it up to the Diva level that her style requires. She couldn't even do when she was singing for her life. She stole the spot that Robbie Rosen should have gotten. The judges made the wrong choice in the wildcard here, but America won't keep her around for long.

11 Karen Rodriguez - It will be interesting to see whether the Latino community and America in general is going to embrace this latina. My guess is that she probably won't last much longer than this spot and could go sooner.

10 Paul - I'm afraid America that we are going to be subjected to a few more weeks of this spastic freaky guy. Get ready to be creeped out for a little while longer. He's got enough people that will probably propel him into the top ten...and you know what that means? America will be subjected to him during the tour (I know...frightening). us a favor....please vote him off sooner!

9 Haley - There is nothing interesting or great about her. She's just another pretty face with an ok voice...aka...Kristy Lee Cook. She'll get the guys vote and the young girls vote for a few weeks, but ultimately her voice will sabotage her.

8 Stefano - Scotty and Stefano could flip-flop here...but I think Scotty's voting bloc will probably be just a little stronger than Stefanos. Stefanos boyband good looks will propel him to the #8 spot. He's actually got a good enough voice to go further, if he can be consistent. He hasn't been and probably won't.

7 Scotty - He's got the country/mid-America vote to himself. I actually like his throwback old country style, I just need to see if he can take it further than he has been able to. He's shown glimmers, but ultimately I don't think he'll fo much further than #7. However, he will quickly be signed and will be playing on country stations by late summer. He'll be on the County Fair circuit fer shure!

6 Thia - This is a hard one to call. America and the judges seem to love her, more than er talent would dictate. AI pimpage and the young vote might propel her into the top 5 and possibly even further. She doesn't have the stage presence/charisma in my mind to go much further than #6 and I don't think she has the confidence either.

5 Jacob Lusk - Another difficult one. His smugness and his ability to do anything other than take it completely over the top could do him in sooner. I think he has a great voice, but he's kinda a "gay christian" kinda you know what I those guys who have gone through gay therapy and have been "Cured"...I'm just sayin....

4 Casey - God forbid that America gives us another Taylor Hicks. I hope that the Taylor Hicks voting bloc has moved on, because they are the ones that subjected us to him week after week...and could subject us to Casey winning it all.
He's a shoo-in for the top 5 and could win it. Will his momentum falter? Will people tire of his antics? I'm being optimistic that America will get it right and not put him further. But America has gotten it soooo wrong so many times before.

3 James Durbin - James could leave much earlier than this, if he proves that all he can do is the more rock/metal genre. People will continue to make comparisons to Adam Lambert...Adam was 1000% better and proved that he could mix it up. I'm not so sure that James can do this. I suspect that I have him ranked too high...but I'm sticking with it.

2 Pia Toscano - AI really wants it to be a woman this year. It's been a guy for the last 2 years. I suspect that a combination of AI Pimpage, talent, young girl voting block and the quirkiness of some of the other contestants will make it an all girl finale. ultimately Pia is one of the stronger women...and she's got incredible looks as well.

And who is going to win it all:

#1 -Lauren Alaina - She's already showing the polish that AI wants. After lackluster winners - Jordan, Chris and Lee...AI desperately wants another Carrie, Kelly...even going as far as to coming right out and saying that Lauren is a combination of Carrie and Kelly (even though I think it is true). We've seen clearly in years past the manipulation that AI plays and I think that THIS as well as the fact that Lauren is actually probably one of the most, if not THE most talented of the group...that will bring her the crown. Steven Tyler said, "We've found the one" during the auditions..and I think he was correct.

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