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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If you don't know them by now.....

Lets start off with the best of the night: Lauren, Pia and Stefano.
I can't really rank them because I think that they were all three equally good in their own ways. Pia hit the big notes and Stefano sang with all the passion with the beautiful tone that he has. And then there was Lauren....who of the three is the one that I would buy the single if it were out today...

And that is where I am judging them tonight, because ultimately we should be asking ourselves: "Would we spend money to purchase that single or their CD"

#4 - James Durbin - Yes...I think I would buy that single and I definitely would buy his CD. Was he as good as Bon Jovi tonight? Not really...but he was still pretty good.

#5 - Jason Lusk - He could be really really good, but he doesn't have the maturity level to find it. He oversings everything and needs to tone down his personality.
I could see me buying his CD because he does have the star quality and a good tone to his voice but the annoyance level goes up every week.

#6 - Scotty - Good...not great. He's got the classic country voice and I would probably buy his CD if it came out tommorrow.

#7 - Casey - I don't understand what people see in him. I seriously just don't get it. He comes across as someone who belongs in Department 95 (for the non-LA public defender crowd...that is our mental health court). He shows some elements of talent but not enough. Tonight, all he did was scream the song. It paled in comparison to the Nirvana original. He is absolutely this season's Taylor Hicks. People are not going to buy his CD. They might like his persona and personality...but ultimately he probably would sell of the level of Hicks. Seriously people, ask yourself the question, would you spend money on his CD if it came out tommorrow?

#8 - Naima - When you sing Tina Turner, its going to be rough unless you are amazing...and Naima was just not amazing. There's a slight chance I might purchase her CD, but I wouldn't have purchased this single.

#9 - Thia - Weak...yet again. I actually thought she was a little better tonight than she has been and disagreed with the judges critique, but it still reminded me of a high school talent school performance.

#10 - Karen - She came out tonight looking like Riff Raff in the Rocky Horror finale.
She sang the song ok...but it was just ok.

#11 - Paul - The guy struts around the stage like someone walking out of a bar at 2 in the morning....and he sings like it too. He seriously needs to go. I wouldn't take his CD if someone paid me 10 bucks to take it.

#12 - Haley - This years Kristy Lee Cook. She may survive because she has the cute looks that many of the young girl voters will relate to.

Rubbertoe's bottom 3: Haley, Paul and Karen and I think that Haley should go home.
America's bottom 3: Haley, Karen and Naima.
This is a really tough one to call.
Haley: although not helped by the lipstick on her face (can you believe that Ryan was using spit to clean it off....gross!!!), will probably survive with the young girl vote, although I'm hoping America will get it right.
Karen: How strong is the Latino voting block? Is it enough to keep her in another week? I suspect it will come down to Karen and Naima...and I predict that Karen will be heading home.

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