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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Motown Night: The good, the bad, and the weird

Alright, let's get this thing started...

Casey - Heard it through the grapevine
Very spirited performance. Gets too excited toward the end of the song, but he kinda-sorta tried to follow the producer's advice. About 65% of the way getting to a good performance, but then got derailed with some of the screechy stuff he does each week. Week after week - they seem to over-pimp the first spot as a buffer…wondering if spot #2 is the new #1 spot - as far as who TPTB want to get voted off?

Thia - Heatwave
She definitely stepped it up a few notches - i am constantly surprised that she sounds so mature when she sings. Great that she broke from the ballads. K says it was the move she had to make to stay in, but anytime he hears these songs, cant help but have shades of "Crocodile Rock" a'la …(J who was that guy??)

Jacob - can't wait to see if he can pull it back like Jimmy Iovine suggested….wacky movements when he sings, the diva certainly came out. Much better! so glad he controlled it at least until the end. K says much more like a performance rather than a gymnastic routine.

Lauren Alaina - loved her hair straight! The beginning was really good, but then she sort of ran out of steam, and kind of coasted till the end of the song. All that walking around took the wind out of her and she couldn't recover. K says they are working hard to keep farm-bot barbie in the competition.

Stefano - I will be deferring to K to review this song…I just loathe it. K says "I feel like we just got punked" - he is so delusional that he thinks he is some great singer with the 'i love you' at the end. Laughably worst of the night….

Haley Scarnato - mum, I mean Haley Lee Cook, or Haley whatever! LOL with the shorts, the stylists have been on notice to babe her up! Side note: nice douchebag moment by Ryan embarrassing poor Stefano's mom with the food critique by Gordon Ramsey of all people!! Arghhh! K says - "Legs -check, Cleavage - check, Hooker hair and outfit - check, BUT sane, competent performance - fail." She did perform a miracle however, which was to rival Stefano's absurd rendition of Motown. Too growly!

Scotty - how 'bout that leaning into the camera there at the end! LOL - Yikes, Steven comparing him to Glen Campbell! In a bizarre way - Scotty defied K's expectation that this was gonna crush him. Thought it was impossible for him to find anything Motown to sing, but he managed to pull the country gizzards out of the this song….but that doesn't mean it was good.

Pia - Wow! K says he must have been on Jr Idol for the last hour or so - until Pia came on stage. That was a beautiful performance! Right on with Steven's comment :) The de-pimpage is clear: she's leaving too many of the other competitors in the dust.

Side note: Out of control - pointing out Pia's ass - WTF, Ryan?? Please reign it back in a bit.

Paul - his backup singers were from the "Village of the Damned" . For K it didn't suck as much as last week, but that's like saying getting your ass kicked is better than being shot - it is still painful. L was pleasantly surprised with the performance - I like that the guitar limits some of the weird, jerky dance moves. I love all the tenderness - like what Randy was saying!

Side note: with the cougar joke, Ryan is now gleefully treading over into lunacy. If you catch him grinning and looking downstage @ Randy? you know he knows it too.

Naima - Started out pretty well, and then got kind of repetitive. What happened to the sort of funky reggae part that was initially there? She seemed like she was going through the motions to hurry to get to the dance part..which to me seemed weirdly tacked on. K thought that rather than just singing the song, she feels compelled to add on stuff to give it flava - as unnecessary as the bagpiper last year for Lee Dewyze.

James - Wow! way to end the night - love that song! Only genuine rock-n-roller in the bunch. Would loved to have been in the audience for that part of the show.

So another performance night is complete. On to the rankings:


Lauren Alaina

DrL&K's bottom three:

Casey, Haley, Stefano
Stefano goes home

America's bottom three:
Naima, Stefano, Haley

Haley goes home

Looking forward to results night!

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