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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What happened to the women?

Wow...the Ladies look beautiful looks like the stylists have alrady gotten to them. It will be interesting to see what they do for the guys.

First up Tatynisa - I haven't been a fan of hers since Hollywood week. She looks great, but sounds flat. She doesn't have a strong enough voice to pull off this type of song. Completely forgettable performance. (3)
Randy got it right...What is it with JLo and Steven....they are WAAAAAAAY too nice.

#2 - Naima - Love the outfit. Singing summertime...this will be interesting. Fantasia kinda owns this song on the idol stage. She sounds great, but is this going to appeal to the younger voters...I don't think so. Shes a bit over theatrical
(7) I don't think she is going to be in the top 10, but will be a wildcard choice

#3 - Kendra - Weak in the low register....though she sounds great in the mid-range...also weak in the higher range. Overall...very weak. She's got the looks, but not the voice. (4)

#4 - Rachel - This years Cinnabon. Wow...she sounds horrible. Another overly dramatic performance. Her perfornacce is absolutely horrendous. Probably one of the worst I've seen at this stage. Sorry but this is a (1)

#5 - Karen Rodriguez - I love that she is singing bi-lingual...very cool...but the performance isn't wowing me. Even in the dramatic was good, but she didn't take it to where it needed to be. (6)

#6 - Lauren (the OTHER Lauren...not the good one). I like the way she sang the song. She needs to work on stage presence though. Overall though...she was actually pretty good. (7). JLO's comments about getting in the camera's face with that type of exactly what I was talking about.

#7 - Ashton - She has a nice voice. I wanna see her take a little more up tempo though. She's a little off on some of the long high notes. Not a solid performance, but it was aiiiiight. (5)

#8 - Julie Zorilla - Its always dangerous to do a signature song of a previous idol. ..and Julie showed that she isn't even close to Kelly Clarkson. Not a smart song for her at all....not horrible, but certainly not good (4)

#9 - Hailey - She looks extremely HOT!...and she's got a good ear for the bluesly style..and she certainly has the power behind her voice...but I wanted more. Overall though she was solid (6)

#10 - Thia -Singing one of my favorite songs from Fame. I absolute hate how she started it. The low key approach did nothing to showcase her voice. Irene Cara is 1 million times better. Second weakest performance of the night (2)
Wow...I heard this one completely different from the judges..

#11 - Lauren Alaina - Shes got the stage precense that the others lack. I felt that her voice was overpowered by the band...but overall, she is the first one that I could actually see making a CD. For perfomance a 10, for voice 7. Overall (8)
Exactly what Randy said...Kelly meets Carrie.

#12 - Pia Toscano - Beautiful girl...with a beautiful voice. She also sang it very smart. Powerful where it needed to be without overdoing it. A solid 8.
I thought her voice was vetter than Laurens, but Lauren had a better performance.

Rubbertoes Rankings:

1. Lauren Alaina
2. Pia Toscano
3. Lauren Turner
4. Naima
5. Karen Rodiguez
6. Haley
7. Ashton
8. Kendra
9. Julie Zorilla
10. Tataynisa
11. Thia
12. Rachel

America's rankings:

Lauren, Lauren and Pia are the shoo ins
I think America will also side with the judges on Thia...although I didn't see it
The final slot..although Naima and Karen should both be there, I'm going to guess that either Haley's looks or Kendra's looks push them through. I'm guessing Haley.

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