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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Idols Top 11: Pitchy seems to be the hardest word

Elton John week! Please let some of these songs be good....

Scotty - Country Comfort brilliant song choice, and could probably have a hit with that. Would be interesting to see how it does on ITunes this week. He's in the #1 spot, but I don't think he's going anywhere.

Naima - Im still standing - reggae version. Hmm, not sure about the accent?! Actually better than we thought it would be, stayed in tune. K says - now that Naima has made it to the tour, it seems like the de-pimping has begun (see judges' response to her performance).

Paul - Rocket Man I liked Paul's interpretation of the song, but can see that he is probably getting lost in the competition. K - says "I stand by my conviction that Paul is a far cooler guy off stage than he has ever been onstage at Idol".

Pia - Don't let the sun go down on me. K thought the super power note was good note on the song. He liked it better than Paul's song, but she didn't have a moment with it like she could have. I didn't like the choir behind her, that took me out of the song. It was beautiful song though!

Stefano - Tiny Dancer - Once again, Jimmy Iovine hates Stefano! K says - of the singers that have an affected style (Scotty, Paul, Stefano) - he would MUCH rather hear Scotty and Paul continue on in the competition. Not that he did a bad job, even when he is good - don't like the way he sings. All I can think of is 'hold me closer Tony Danza', not my fave performance so far. He is definitely improving week to week - lots of charisma and enthusiasm.

Lauren Alaina - Candle in the Wind - K says Jimmy either loves her, or has been told to love her! She can have a pretty voice, but she always seems to be ahead of the music. She was thinking about performing, and that took her out of the song. She acts like the teenager that she is. LOL Steven Tyler - we LOVE you!!

James - Saturday Night's Alright - Whoooo! I would hate to follow James tonight - that was a fun performance. Good voice control in addition to the dancing around. K says it is always enjoyable to watch him. He worries that people might assume he is a front-runner and might not be voting for him. He is very consistent - you don't ever feel like he is just half-assin' it .

Thia - Daniel. Heartfelt performance and I liked the arrangement of the song. K says - she did what Stefano shot for, and maybe missed. However, don't know if it is enough to keep her in the competition. I am guessing she will still be in the bottom three.

Casey - Your Song - That was exactly what he needed to do this week - the beard trim, the more understated performance - he really has a clear, sweet voice. I know he was probably tempted to do the growly thing - but this was much better. I hope he will continue along this path. Loved it!

Jacob -Sorry seems to be the hardest word - What is he doing in Heaven Can Wait? He's getting closer, but that arrangement pushed him to do that over-the-top stuff. Much preferred the first part of the song to the 2nd half.

Haley - Bennie & the Jets - didn't like that it started off all loungey…if it had been more funky throughout - it would have come off much better. K says - they want her to go - (see the over pimpage via the judges!) Complete cognitive dissonance on that one. Not sure how THAT was the best performance of the night.




Lauren Alaina

Our bottom three:
Naima, Stefano, Haley

Stefano and Haley go home

America's bottom three:
Naima, Stefano, Haley

Stefano and Haley go home

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