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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The top 12 are picked

Ryan promises a lot of "twists and turns"....
Drama like you've never seen before is about to unfold.

Dim the we go:

Scotty and Robbie - Center Stage - Scotty is in the top 10
Clint and Jordan and Jovanny - None of these guys should go through. None of them do.

Switch to the ladies:

Pia and Lauren A. - I'm certain that they are both through....and they are.
Tatynisa and Julie - My guess is Julie is in Tatynisa is out....neither is in.

Kendra, Ashton and Karen - Karen should go through..the others no. Karen makes it in..I'm surprized...America got it right

Jacob, Casey and Tim. I expect Jacob and Casey to go through. Jacob is in. Casey is in...Tim is not

Naima, Thia and Lauren T -...They all three should go through. I suspect that Naima won't. Ryan says only 1 is in. Naima isn't the one but she'll come back as a wildcard. Thia is in...Lauren T is not.

Brett and Paul - Paul is in...Brett is not (Yuck...we have to watch Paul for another week).

Haley and Rachel - Haley is likely in...Rachel is definitely out. Haley is in.

Stefano and James- James is definitely in.

Not a single surprise in the bunch.


Ashton - not good....guess what are going....we just don't love you.

Stefano - I love the quality of his voice. I definitely think the competition would be better with him there.

Kendra - She's not going to mae it on the basis of this performance

Jovanny - Seriously? They gave him another chance?

Naima and Robbie Rosen both did great.

But I think the Judges are going to choose Stefano and Kendra

The Wildcards.....after....the break.....

So Ashton and Stefano are in
and they surprise us with one more....Naima.

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