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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ladies night: Great outfits, so-so songs

The women looked great tonight! I was surprised how dressed-up they were compared to the the men on Tuesday night. Here are our peformance notes:

Tatynysia - screechy, off key, and just straight-up awful. Weak during the verses and just painful during the chorus.

Naima - clear, strong voice, great arrangement to a song that is a bit overdone on Idol. Great that she designed her own dress.

Kendra - good performance, but a bit sharp. Looked great - really working it.

Rachel - off key, and a bit out of breath with all that running around. I love the original of this song - so not impressed with the song. Seems confident and she worked the stage - but did not love it at all. Uhh, what was with the cape??

Karen R. - so pretty, loved the dress! a bit ahead of the music at times. Loved the bilingual performance. Loved that she acknowledged her mom at the end :)

Lauren T. - big, soulful voice. not sure if it is current enough for Idol viewers.

Ashthon - very confident performance, great stage presence. song choice was a bit off - but overall very good.

Julie - she looked really cute - she has that princess look down. Song was way off - not sure what she was going for with that song choice, too big for her. Miss Kelly's song should be off limits! Didn't seem like she could hear the music?

Hailey - not sure about the melisma going on - what was that oohhwhooowhoo at the end? Doesn't seem authentic - doesn't seem connected to the song.

Thia - WOW! Was not expecting that from her - but she dropped a bomb on the rest of the girls - that was truly impressive.

Lauren Alaina - good, big fun song! K noted that it sounded a bit over-produced. Did she get lost in the song a bit? She didn't have a moment like she could have with the right song.

Pia - beautiful - got a standing ovation! Not sure I loved the song as much as the judges were lovin' it, but she does seem to have the total package. Good control in her vocals.

DrL&K's Post-Performance Ranking:

1. Thia
2. Ashthon
3. Pia
4. Lauren Alaina
5. Naima
6. Karen
7. Kendra
8. Lauren T.
9. Haley
10. Julie
11. Rachel
12. Tatanysia

Can't wait for tomorrow's results show!

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

I am definitely in the minority on Thia...I'm not sure what I heard or what everybody else heard. I thought it was weak and just not good...but everyone else has been raving about it...