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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Top 11: Idol Is Livin For The Motown

THIS is American Idol . . .

Who will make it into the Top 10?

It's Motown night. Don't get me wrong, I love Motown music, but I was hoping for new, more contemporary themes. C'mon producers make Idol more contemporary.

Why is JLo in a sparkly bridesmaid dress?

And Mr. Tyler is in JLo's backup outfit... or is it the other way around?

Here are our Top 11!

1. Casey - He's singing "I Heard It Through The Grapevine". Here's hoping he recovers from last week's D-I-saster. I'm starting to agree with Rubbertoe. He is very Taylor Hicks. The screeching is back in the beginning . . . strangely . . . and I'm not sure how Casey is accomplishing this . . . I'm bored. He's picking it up a bit in the second half of the song, but he still isn't making me jump out of my seat.

Steven - He thinks that he is the perfect entertainer . . . um . . .
JLo - She doesn't think there is anyone out there like him right now.
Randy - He thinks he is a true original.

2. Thia - Might I just say that they are clearly pulling the Idol favoritism by putting this girl in bad positions every week. I'm not thrilled with Thia, but they don't want her around. She is singing "Heat Wave" . . .this could be a bit of a train wreck. I hope she proves me wrong. Strong start . . . this song seems to be in the right range for her. However, when she goes high she kind of loses it. I'm slightly less bored than last week . . . better effort.

JLo - She thinks it was great to see her let loose.
Randy - He thinks that she took a chance, but thinks she can dig deeper
Steven - He thinks she took a step out.

3. Jacob - He is singing "You're All I Need to Get By" . . . once sung by the OG Idol, Ms. Clarkson. I'm not excited by Jacob. Again, I hope he proves me wrong. He is definitely more restrained in the beginning . . . I still don't like his voice. This is a much better performance from him . . . they got him to tone it down . . . Why is Steven on stage?

Randy - Yo, He thinks that Barry Gordy is somewhere saying, "Oh My God"
Steven - He thinks he did it.
JLo - She was moved and thinks he made her beg . . .

Ok y'all, he ain't that good . . .

4. Lauren - She is singing "You Keep Me Hangin On" . . . Oh Lauren, I want you to recapture what I hear was your magic from the early rounds. I'm loving her hair flat-ironed (Ok, I will try and control the gay) - I'm loving the beginning . . . she's keeping the pace up nicely. Ok, that was much better than I've heard before. That performance could make me a believer.

Steven - He thinks she ripped that song a new beauty mark
JLo - She thinks she threw her head and her neck into it
Randy - He thinks she's got her swagga on high.

5. Stefano - Lionel? Really? We're in the commercial break, and I'm hoping he's not singing . . . anything I can think of. He is singing, "Hello" . . . was there any doubt . . .He's NEVER heard this song . . . this could be wonderful or cheesetastic. The beginning is dripping with cheese . . . his vocals are spot on . . . pitch perfect, but I think the fact that he hadn't heard the song before is making it ring false. I'm sure I'll be on the island of unpopular belief for this opinion.

JLo - She thinks his intensity is coming from the wrong place.
Randy - He thinks the connection is missing
Steven - He thinks he "ramped up" too soon

6. Haley - in the commercial break . . . I already like her better with the straight hair . . . She is going to sing, "You Really Gotta Hold On Me". Ok, not a bad beginning for Ms. Haley. There are some technical difficulties here during her performance. She is much better this week.

Randy - He thinks that she got better by the middle of the song.
Steven - He thinks she doesn't look a day over fabulous
JLo - She thinks she has effortless control in her voice.

7. Scotty - What the hell is he gonna sing? He's singing "For Once In My Life" . . . hmmmmm . . . I guess we'll see . . . Oh Sweet God. His voice is, as always, pitch perfect . . .my complaint is that he can't seem to get out of that same limited range. I did not love that arrangement . . . it was kind of yikesy for me.

Steven - He thought it was beautiful
JLo - She thought it was a great version of the song . . . but didn't think it was his strongest
Randy - He thought he was taking and chances and saying, "yo".

8. Pia - "All In Love Is Fair" - She's got the dramatic going on . . . She's got what Stefano didn't . . . a connection to the song. Damn, girl can hit the notes. It's not my favorite song choice, but damn she is turning it out.

JLo - She loved it but wants her to own the stage.
Randy - He loved that she incorporated more falsetto
Steven - He thinks she is the star in this American Idol universe

9. Paul - He is singing, "Tracks of My Tears" . . . I'm hopeful, Lambert did it up right a few years ago . . .this is already better than the previous two weeks. He made a smart move by bringing out the guitar. I'm happy with my Paul.

Randy - he liked that he did his thing with the guitar.
Steven - He thought it was very different in a Willie Nelson/Bob Dylan way.
JLo - She thinks he is the complete package.

10. Naima - She is singing, "Dancing In The Street" . . . she better bring it or it could be time for her to go. I'm scared . . . The vocals are already better than usual . . .I'm a little unclear on the dancing . . . but, the vocals were great.

Steven - I'm not sure what he said. She ate the stage.
JLo - Gave her goose bumps
Randy - Thinks all of her showed up tonight

11. James - He is singing "Livin for the City" - Good song for him. And boy is WORKING the stage. He's keeping his pitch going nicely . . .THIS is a nice performance. VERY VERY GOOD, sweet baby. :)

JLo - Thinks he is serious business
Randy - Thought it started a little bit rough but thought it was unbelievable when he hit his pocket.
Steven - Thinks sometimes it takes being a little crazy to make a difference in this world.

My Rankings

James (by an almond sliver)


My Bottom Three: Stefano, Scotty, and Casey
America's Bottom Three: Haley, Thia, and Stefano
Going Home: Stefano (in a slight shocker)

1 comment:

DrL/K said...

Great point J, about the need for more contemporary theme nights! I read elsewhere that all of the songs were pretty much Idol-Motown retreads too. It's just painful when you have these young contestants say things like "I never heard this song before" - and then (shocking!) they don't connect to the song or the audience. You probably made a great shocker elimination pick in Stefano tonight.

M. Slezak pointed out in his post about last night that Idol seemed to be working some revisionist history this week too. In Jacob's discussion of last week's performance, both he and Jimmy Iovine discuss what a train wreck it was. Slezak said - it was just the opposite on the judges' critique however! Interesting move there?

L :)