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Saturday, June 14, 2008

4000, yo!

In all of the hubub going on in all of our respective lives, we have neglected to note the 4000th hit on our little blog. So, in response to this milestone, I thought I would post two different youtube clips.

First, I thought I would post the one single performance on American Idol this season which represented "The Turn Around". This performance was the only one of the season, IMO, that was a Holy Shizz moment. A moment where you were like, wow, I was wrong, maybe you can sing . . .

May I present, Kristy Lee Cook singing "Anyway"

Next, I will post one of the better performances on Nashville Star this past week.

Let me present, Pearl Heart with "Wide Open Spaces"

Thanks for reading . . . .

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L&K said...

J, What great clips!!