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Monday, June 9, 2008

Here comes Nashville Star, y'all!

Nashville Star

So, our Idol replacement for the summer begins. We’ll see how this goes for us here at A Little Taste of Idol. So, tonight, in our two hour premiere we are gonna take 50 and go down to a final twelve. Sounds like they are trying to repeat the Idol formula. I really hope they do well. I’m jonesing for a little idol right about now.

Here comes Billy Ray, yo . . . or should I say y’all!

They are showing us a quick and dirty of the audition process.

Overall, this group is a pretty good group of singers. We have soloists, duos, and trios all competing for the title of Nashville Star. I’m gonna say, there are some VERY good singers here, and one boy I will already label “The Hotness” . . . . whew. Not as good as the Idol singers, but a good start overall.

Velveeta Moment 1: They have, of course, included the requisite military boy (see Josh Gracin circa American Idol Season Two) who was in his sailor suit during the auditions . . . as well as tonight. We’re gonna need to get him out of the suit, pronto, y’all!

Here comes Taylor Swift to perform for us.

Ok, so, the kids are gonna perform tonight and the judges are going to eliminate one performer and then, we are going to eliminate one performer.

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