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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Bottom 2 and Elimination!

Alyson Gilbert and the duo of Sophie and Laura are in our Bottom 2. I'm a little surprised by L & S being in the Bottom 2. Last week was the first time that I really thought they deserved to be around. So, they both perform . . . yikes . . .

Alyson's up first . . . she's singing "This One's For the Girls" . . . John Rich tries to give her some mentoring to improve her performance from the previous week. . . she listened . . . but didn't sell it. Man, this girl has got a voice in there somewhere . . . and it comes out when she relaxes in her upper register . . . her lower register is a big ole mess. The judges agree . . . of note . . . Jewel ripped her a new one . . . but for some reason, her critique does not come off as . . . er, um . . . assholey (yeah, I made up a word) as John Rich's critique. She basically is telling her to get some life experience so she can sell her vocals . . .

S&L are up next. . . They are going to sing, "I'm Walkin On Sunshine". Er . . . . I'm not really sure about this song choice. I mean, the big criticism of this duo is that they act so young and are very high schoolish on stage. This song does not help. They looked awkward on stage and their harmonies were WAY flat. However, they do seem to sound much better singing individually than together. The harmonies were off . . .

Jewel and John Rich think they are sweet girls but just not for this competition.
Jeff says he's proud of them , but . . . .

So, now, it's time for the elimination. After BRC reads his lines off the teleprompter and gives the obligatory eleventy thousand seconds of silent suspense . . . we find out that Alyson Stewart is going home. In pagent form, she cries and blows a kiss to the crowd. Overall, I liked her. She's got a good voice there, and I hope she keeps going.

The girls look relieved and sing one more song . . . Yikes . . . They are REALLY gonna have to get it together next week. I wonder if they are fighting. Something is just not right here.

Another episode concludes with the knowledge that 2 people will be eliminated next week. Who do y'all think it will be . . . I've got my opinion . . . and I will post those rankings later.

See y'all later!

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