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Monday, June 9, 2008

The Looks Hotness and The Singing Hotness

The Hotness is up next . . . He is SOOOO cute . . . one Mr. Justin Gaston . . . gonna need to try and look beyond the cuteness . . . . Rut ro . . . there’s a very pleasant voice there but man, somebody needs to light a firecracker under his ass . . . PICK ME! PICK ME! . . . Just kidding . . . he needs to pick it up or The Hotness will not last long. The male judges didn't heart him, BUT Jewel defended him hardcore.

Mother of five, Melissa Lawson is up next . . . very Wynona Judd . . . her audition was quite good. She is singing a little Bonnie Raitt and givin up something to talk about . . . Girls got some pipes, yo. Far and away the best of the night . . . to quote Randy Jackson, “We’ve got a hot one here . . . MOLTEN HOT!”. The cute Hotness followed by The singing Hotness. Man oh man she had a good first week.

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L&K said...

Molten, blazing, crazy hotttt! She was great :) I think she really showed up to bring it home tonight. Good for her - and excellent song choice for vocals and for crowd-pleasing action.

Speaking of that, I like that NS seems a bit more intimate in terms of the crowd setup and performance area. I don't know if they stay in that studio the whole time, but I thought it was neat.

The Hotness - much agreement here with you on that! He has got to work it - and I nominate you to go light that firecracker J!