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Monday, June 30, 2008

Thank Goodness for Pearl Heart

My girls from Pearl Heart are the next to be safe. Y'all know I love these girls. Hopefully, they will be able to lead us from the land of mediocrity . . . They're gonna be singing "I'll Be Yours Until the Sun Doesn't Shine". I love this song . . . and, I'm very hopeful . . .

They hit a couple of sub-par harmonies throughout the song, but overall, their performance was quite brills . . . Their harmonies were tight and, for the most part, on target. We have certainly taken a step up to the next level with this performance.

Jeff – Thought they did a fine job
John – Thinks they made most of the harmonies
Jewel – Loved when they went from sitting to standing

I have such an affinity for these girls . . . . I thought they did a great job.

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