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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shaun Hearts George Jones

Shaun Mayer is up next . . . another person who I thought was potentially at risk for elimination. Last week, this girl showed that she's got some pipes, but was not very convincing that she knew exactly how to use them. This week, girl is gonna try and take on THE George Jones and sing a little He Stopped Loving Her Today. OOOOhhh, girl is takin on a tough tough challenge. She says that she is reversing the vocal, in that, when George would go down she will go up . . . so on and so on . . .

Vocal was . . . good . . . ish . . . again, I hear a good voice there, but so often it seems to be projecting out of her nose. She's got the pipes, and it might just be me, but the tone of her voice just kind of rubs me the wrong way. She gets points for being gutsy . . . but, her vocals were just so-so.

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