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Monday, June 9, 2008

An overview and an elimination

Coming up next, we’re gonna have the judges deliberate and send someone home.
Major dramz up, peeps . . . it’s time to announce the bottom 2 . . .

Charley Jenkins and Alyson Gilbert are the bottom 2 from the judges . . . . Jeffrey voted for Charley to go home . . . John Rich wants Alyson to go home . . . so, it’s up to The Jewel . . . she’s gonna send Charley home . . .

And, he’s gonna cry. Ugh. I hate to see people go. Charley wasn't great, but I didn't think that any one of the acts was really that bad . . . BUT . . . only a couple were really several steps above the rest.

Overall, for the first show, I’m kind of impressed. The talent is good and the concept is Idol like . Next week the contestants get split into men, women, and groups and are paired with a judge. Kind of like this concept a little Idol meets the X Factor . . .

Gimme some comments, y'all . . . Did anybody watch?

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L&K said...

J - you are in excellent form! Your post-Idol vacay days have not hurt your mad commentary skillz at all :)

I thought - it was good for NS to model a bit after Idol, but then to condense the stuff that Idol drags out a bit. Quick auditions, down to 50 and then wow! here we are at 12.

I thought that they chose the right 2 for the bottom 2, but I thought Alyson would go. It seemed like the criticism was more harsh for her.

Did you vote? We didn't this week, but will probably get into it next week. I am gonna get scared if I start switching my XM Radio to the country stations though....

Speaking of country - I thought Jewel was pop? Is she country now, or was she like a cross-over? I am not really familiar with Big & Rich (great group name though!) - so I will have to check them out. I liked that one of the judges was an award-winning songwriter - very smart!

K is working on a new elimination banner for the bottom of the blog page as we speak! You all will have to check it out!

Fun overall, and yes, it helps us with the post-Idol blues!!